Study shows employees serve Richland outside of job duties

Institutional Effectiveness — Richland College measures employee engagement as part of its institutional report card each year. Baldrige in Education Criteria define employee engagement as the extent of workforce commitment, both emotional and intellectual, in accomplishing the work, mission and vision of an organization. In academic year 2012-13 to date, 52.4 percent of Richland College’s full-time staff have engaged in college activities that are optional and outside regular job requirements, demonstrating commitment to accomplishing the mission and vision of the college. These activities include but are not limited to serving on college hiring search teams; coordinating key college student success initiatives; participating on college or DCCCD committees; presenting at conferences; leading professional development workshops; volunteering to staff Richland College special events; serving as employee association officers; and sponsoring student clubs. Performance for this institutional measure exceeds the college’s target of 50 percent set at the beginning of fall 2012.