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Richland College Leadership Participate in the 11th Annual SACSCOC Institute on Quality Enhancement and Accreditation Conference

Institutional Effectiveness–Rolanda Randle, Dr. John Trickel, and Dr. LaQueta Wright, Richland College professors; Rick Leyva, director of institutional research; and Carol Kent, QEP faculty director, participated in the 11th Annual SACSCOC Institute on Quality Enhancement and Accreditation, held in Kissimmee, Florida, July 19-22.  The institute, designed for teams of faculty, QEP leadership, accreditation liaisons, and academic officers, provided opportunities to benchmark Richland College’s Quality Enhancement Plan initiative, Learning to Learn:  Developing Learning Power, with SACSCOC peer institutions and accreditation presenters.

Richland College’s Academic Council is Focused on Student Learning and Instructional Support


Institutional Effectiveness–Richland College’s Academic Council participated in a full-day retreat on June 11 focused on reviewing Richland College’s assessments of student learning and instructional support.  Office of Planning, Research, Effectiveness, and Development staff facilitated the discussion that included a comprehensive overview of the assessment process, rubric calibration exercise, an appreciative inquiry to design an improved assessment plan, and action planning to focus on next steps.  Academic executive deans also reviewed their role in ensuring robust assessments and providing resources and support to faculty.

Richland College Music Department Seeks National Association of Schools of Music Accreditation


Institutional Effectiveness–Dr. Mellasenah Morris, National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) consultant, recently concluded a consultative visit to the Richland College Music Department and filed a report in preparation for the department’s process of achieving NASM accreditation.  Next steps in this accreditation process include the completion of a self-study and a peer-review, on-site accreditation team visit in April 2016.  Only three community college music programs in the state of Texas hold NASM accreditation. 

Richland College Reviews Data for Continuous Improvement in Learning


Institutional Effectiveness–Richland College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Resource Team reviewed comprehensive qualitative and quantitative data regarding continuous improvement being made in Richland College’s QEP Learning to Learn:  Developing Learning Power student performance, professional development training and implementation on May 27.  The data review, facilitated by the Richland College Office of Planning, Research, Effectiveness, and Development, included feedback from student focus groups and focus groups with faculty completing QEP professional development and classroom implementation.  Based on use of feedback results, the team identified modifications to inform the scale-up of year three implementation of the QEP.  

Richland College Leadership Attend 95th AACC Annual Convention in San Antonio

Institutional Effectiveness–Dr. Fred Newbury, economics professor and Faculty Association president, Dr. Matthew Henry, English professor and Faculty Association vice president, Kristoffer Truelson, Richland College’s Fulbright scholar-in-residence in economics, Dr. Zarina Blankenbaker, vice president for teaching and learning, and Dr. Kay Eggleston, president, represented Richland College at the 95th AACC Annual Convention in San Antonio, April 18-21.  Dr. Blankenbaker was a co-presenter in a session addressing Leadership and Best Practices:  Addressing Underserved AAPI Student Success.  The presentation highlighted how Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI)-serving institutions are leveraging resources and funding to address achievement gaps for AAPI students who face similar barriers as other minority students. 


Richland College Career and Technical Education Faculty and Program Coordinators Attend Rubric Training

20140401-0002Institutional Effectiveness–Richland College Career and Technical Education (CTE) faculty and program coordinators attended assessment and scoring calibration training conducted by Richland College’s Office of Planning, Research, Effectiveness, and Development staff on March 25  to review sample student instructional work against scoring rubrics.  This session helped to prepare the faculty in advance of their work to score student artifacts demonstrating attainment of program objectives.  Calibration helps to ensure scorers apply the rubrics consistently across all CTE programs.

Richland College Attends Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria in Education Workshop

Institutional Effectiveness–Representatives from Richland College Office of Student Life, Admissions and Student Records, Facilities Services, Sociology discipline, Test Center, ESOL, and OPRED attended a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria in Education workshop conducted by Bao Huynh, Richland College director of institutional effectiveness, on March 25.  The workshop served as a primer for colleagues new to the Baldrige Criteria and to the recent 2015-2016 changes in the criteria.  Richland College uses this criteria as the framework for its performance excellence system of continuous improvement.


Richland Leadership Presents Progress Report on Student Success

Institutional Effectiveness–Richland College recently completed an on-campus site visit with its Achieving the Dream coaches March 4-5.  Dr. Martha Romero, leadership coach, and Dr. Marisol Arredondo, data coach, conferred and consulted with 10 faculty gatekeeper course student success champions, academic school executive deans, Dr. Kay Eggleston, president, Dr. Zarina Blankenbaker, vice president for teaching and learning, Office of Planning, Research, Effectiveness, and Development staff, and AANAPISI grant staff.  Faculty champions presented progress reports on their course initiatives and answered questions from the coaches who commented very positively on the work the faculty champions are accomplishing supporting student learning success. 

RLC Achieving the Dream Team Attend Annual Institute on Student Success Conference

Institutional Effectiveness–Ten faculty, 5 administrators; 3 instructional support staff, and 1 student represented Richland College at the 2015 Achieving the Dream Annual Institute on Student Success in Baltimore, February 17-20.  Heejeon Kim, Richland College student, was selected by Achieving the Dream to participate, all expenses paid, in the institute conference and served on a closing session panel to provide a student perspective.  This AtD team also met Dr. Martha Romero, Richland College’s newly assigned Achieving the Dream coach, in advance of her first coaching visit to the college in March.

Richland College OPRED Present Annual Grant Management Workshop

Institutional Effectiveness–The Richland College Office of Planning, Research, Effectiveness and Development’s Grant Management staff presented its annual Grant Management Workshop on February 13 to 29 attendees, including current grant managers and other faculty and staff interested in seeking or managing external funding.  Garth Clayton, resource development dean, covered information on types of institutional funders (government agencies, corporations, and foundations) and the pre-award grant development process.  Barb Golightly, senior administrative assistant for post-award management, and Debbi Richards, director of corporate and community relations, covered post-award management processes, protocols, forms, and compliance requirements for each grant cycle.