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Richland Men's Basketball Fall Update

The 2011-12 T-Ducks have began their season with five scrimmages already. Four of the five were against Division I Junior Colleges, and although there are no records, there are scores, and the T-Ducks are 3-2. This young T-Duck team has shown some signs of toughness, grit, and youth. We are young, but we play hard and make a lot of hustle plays. We are fun to watch. This T-Duck team dives on the floor for loose balls, takes charges, and plays with passion and energy. The remaining scrimmage schedule is:

Friday, October 21 @ Brookhaven College
8 PM – Richland vs. Team Elevate
9 PM – Richand vs. Dallas Diesel

Friday, October 28 @ Jacksonville College
6 PM – Jacksonville College
7 PM – Jarvis Christian College