Thanks, Thunderducks

To: Dennis Griffin and the Groundskeeping crew
From: Cindy Berry, Advising

I would like to extend a thank you to Richland’s Groundskeeping staff for one of the prettiest years in a long time of flowers in front of Thunderduck Hall. It brightens every morning to walk in viewing these beautiful flowers and lifts the spirit to view them when leaving.

Last night leaving at dusk, I was not the only person or thing enjoying the flowers, there were three hummingbirds pulling nectar from the flowers. They were an absolute delight to watch, especially after a rather trying last three days.

So thank you so very much to those you back-breakingly plant, weed and water these beautiful flowers. It is greatly appreciated.

To: Various Thunderducks
From: Luz Villegas, AANAPISI Grant

I’m extending my sincerest thanks to everyone who helped with the APIASF Scholarship Reception. This is the first semester that APIASF has awarded scholarships to our students, so it was the first time we had such an event. With Walmart as the sponsor, we wanted to provide a top notch event even though we only had two weeks to prepare. Fortunately, everyone cooperated with us and stepped up to the plate in a gracious manner. Our gratitude goes out to:

  • Maria Chobany, Rainey Agent, Debbi Richards and Terry Lefler – for helping us secure the caterer on such short notice.
  • Media Distribution – for providing the projector, screen and laptop for our student profile PowerPoint presentation.
  • Jeremy Haldeman – for arranging a super speaker setup for us.
  • College Communications & Marketing staff – for designing the program, printing the scholarship award certificates, lending us their digital camera and issuing a press release. Special thanks to Lisa Grippo for lending us table cloths at the last minute.
  • Office of Student Life – for lending us bowls for the centerpieces.
  • Hilda Della-Sera – for recruiting student volunteers from Rising Star, lending us table cloths and for working the check-in table.
  • Michael Mazurek – for making the gallery available to us and for staying late to put up artwork.
  • Diane Hilbert and everyone else who jumped in to help with Brazos Gallery.
  • Facilities – for being so accommodating in setting up the room.
  • ALAS student volunteers who helped with set up and served as guides.
  • Thuy Anh Nguyen and her students.
  • Everyone who attended and supported us.

If I have left anyone out from your staff/department who should have been included, please be so kind as to inform them.