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July 2012

The School of Engineering, Business and Technology hosted its second annual STEM Camp, June 13-26, to introduce young students to a variety of careers and occupations in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The camp culminated with a “rocket launch” competition. The second STEM Camp is currently being held and continues through July 24, 2012.

TEMM student wins scholarship to attend industry meeting

Shanika Davis, a Travel Exposition and Meeting Management (TEMM) student at Richland College, received a scholarship to attend the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Future Leaders Forum in July.

The Future Leaders Forum is a special educational session open to only 30 students in the U.S. and Canada who are studying meeting planning. It is held before the MPI World Education Congress in St. Louis, Mo., and students attending the forum are encouraged to remain to participate in many of the meeting activities.

Students receiving scholarships from MPI will receive complimentary airfare, two nights’ hotel accommodations and registration for the meeting.

“The competition to earn a scholarship is rigorous, and I will be delighted to see one of our TEMM students participate in this prestigious event,” said M.T. Hickman, Richland College’s TEMM program coordinator.

Davis recently completed her first year in the TEMM Program, plans to earn a credit certificate in meeting planning, and intends to pursue a career as a meeting planner.

Actions to Cool Global Warming

A GREENRichland tip

greentduck-rgb.jpg Living in Texas, we’ve all heard summertime energy-saving tips such as, “Raise your thermostat to 78 degree.” If you really want to make a dent in your electric bill and be eco-friendly, check out these tips:

1. Make sure ceiling fans are blowing down. Most fans have a switch to change the direction. Make sure ceiling fans are blowing downward (in a counter-clockwise direction) to send air past your body.
2. Unplug equipment not in use. Electric chargers, televisions and audio/video equipment use electricity and produce heat even when they are not in use. Running an older refrigerator can use up to three times the energy of a modern one.
3. Be a speedy chef. Nothing is more energy efficient for cooking than your microwave. It uses two-thirds less energy than your stove.
4. Push a button to wash your dishes. Surprise! Your dishwasher uses less water than washing dishes by hand. Then let dishes air-dry to save even more.
5. Fill up the fridge. Having lots of food in your refrigerator keeps it from warming up too fast when the door is open. This way, your fridge doesn’t have to work as hard to stay cool.

1 & 2
3, 4 & 5

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Upcoming Events

GED Graduation
1:30 p.m., Fri., July 27,
Sabine Hall, Room 118

Richland College Convocation
8:45 a.m., Tues., Aug. 21

Fall Faculty Convocation
5:30 p.m., Thurs., Aug. 23

Outstanding Employees of the Month

June 2012

Fermin Portillo
Facilities Services


An excerpt from a congratulatory letter from Dr. Eggleston:

Dear Fermin,

Congratulations on being selected the Richland College Outstanding Employee for June 2012. Your award is well-deserved recognition of the exemplary service you have provided Richland College in both your current role as a custodial foreman since July 2007 and when you were first employed by Richland’s custodial contractor GCA in 2000.

You direct a variety of campus-wide activities ranging from setups for receptions, special events, athletic events, and concerts to massive moves of classroom and office furniture and equipment, such as into the new Sabine Hall or for the adaptive remodel of Wichita Hall. Your colleagues appreciate your cooperation and can trust that you will responsibly accomplish what they request.

July 2012

Tatiana Matyushina
Business/Financial Services

DSCN0434 copy

An excerpt from a congratulatory letter from Dr. Eggleston:

Dear Tatiana:

Congratulations on being selected the Richland College Outstanding Employee for July 2012. Your award is well-deserved recognition of the exemplary service you have provided Richland College.

Tatiana, you consistently and expediently provide excellent Business Office service for our professional leave and travel needs. Your meticulous checking that each item is fully completed and justified ensures that forms can be processed by the District Service Center without any problems. Your prompt action in calling for clarification whenever you have a question about someone’s travel form allows forms to move forward without delay. Colleagues are confident that you will handle their registration prepayments on time and that advance payments requested for lodging and per diem will be efficiently handled. Your customer service is superb–patient with all and serving us with kindness and a wonderful sense of humor.

RLC Soccer players honored for academic and athletic achievement
Carl Hansson

Carl Hansson

Rebecca Simmons

Rebecca Simmons

RLC athletes Carl Hansson and Rebecca Simmons have been honored with 2011-12 National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Academic Student Athlete Awards. The students were chosen from a field of 60,000 competing student athletes, of which 1,680 were honored. Carl, a Richland’s men’s soccer player, was honored with the Superior Academic Achievement distinction for his 3.8 GPA. Rebecca, a Richland’s women’s soccer team member, was honored with the Exemplary Academic Achievement distinction for her 3.75 GPA.

New Employees

Viktoriya Almazan
Title: Academic Advisor II
Department: Enrollment

Cory Garrett
Title: Theater Technical Specialist II
Department: Humanities

Jimmy Lopez
Title: PC Support Specialist I
Department: Information Technology

Ryan Nelson
Title: Academic Advisor II
Department: Enrollment

Sheridan Nixon
Title: Program Services Specialist
Department: Workforce Training

Rudolph Obregon
Title: Admissions Specialist I
Department: Registrar

Kelly Sonnanstine
Title: Program Services Coordinator
Department: Office of Student Life

More new Employees

Thanks, T-ducks

To: Kenneth Hart, Facilities
From: Lennijo Henderson, Library

Kenneth, the library is so grateful to you and your crew of supermen and superwomen, who have moved so much furniture and equipment for us. Getting ready to remodel takes a village, and your group is the key. We appreciate your always getting here early, keeping the noise down, cleaning up after, and most of all, never complaining when we change our mind. Thanks and more thanks!

To: Matthew Kirchmeier, Facilities
From: Phil Key, Athletics

Thank you for getting the golf cart ready for the upcoming fall season. You have often commented that it is the best running cart on campus. Several years ago, Ron Clark purchased the cart for our department so that we would not have to use our own vehicles on the fields to transport water and gear. Through your care, I think the only down time with the cart was a flat tire. For a cart that is used extensively, that is incredible. Thank you once again for such care and excellent service. From all the coaches, we appreciate your work.


Derrick Logozzo (Humanities),

It was fantastic to meet you yesterday at the band camp college seminar. I learned so much about the RLC music department, and I know the students did as well. I’ll keep you posted if I learn of any other opportunities that would be beneficial for RLC and the music department in particular! Look forward to working with you more in the future, and connecting about recruitment ideas!

Thanks again,

Molly Bewley
DCCCD District Director of Outreach

Zoltan, Dwayne and Noah,

I can not thank you enough for participating in the event at TI! It made a HUGE difference to have you there, sharing your expertise and connecting with the students and their parents on the incredible programs at RLC. I know it took extra time out of your day, and I really appreciate it.

Look forward to working with you again in the future!


Molly Bewley
DCCCD District Director of Outreach

Tyrone Hollins (Business Office),

It was my honor and a privilege to meet you. I can truly say that because of meeting you while trying to find my way to the Performance Management workshop on Tuesday, June 10, 2012 it made a big positive difference in my first-time experience on the Richland College campus. You took the time out of your busy schedule to go the extra mile and show me to my workshop location, and I thank you very much for your high level of customer service.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you think I can be of assistance in the future!

Wishing you continued success,

Gilbert “Gil” Whavers
Business Incubation Center Manager