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July 2010


GED Graduation (photo by John Pollock).
Richland reaches out to other Texas colleges to join Plus 50 Initiative

Richland College’s Boomers Program is helping other community colleges to engage the 50+ population.

In June, the college hosted a day-long Plus 50 Initiative Texas Expansion Conference for 14 community colleges, including DCCCD sister colleges. The conference, supported by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) and Atlantic Philanthropies, provided information for community colleges developing Plus 50 Initiative programs. Topics included collaboration between departments; marketing and promotion; obtaining college support; stakeholders; appropriate teaching styles; programs that work; and program challenges.

“We are excited to share information about the Plus 50 Initiative and to see the enthusiasm of other community colleges as they build or expand their Plus 50 programs,” Richland’s Boomers Program Outreach Coordinator Teresa Love said. “The conference included very informative panel discussions containing both students and faculty. During these discussions, the panelists addressed student motivation and effective teaching methods for Plus 50 students.”

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DART Offers Richland Employees a Great Value

Richland employees may soon qualify for a huge discount on Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) passes! The 2011 group contract will be signed in November and will allow full and part-time employees to purchase an annual, local pass for about fifty percent off the regular month-to-month price. To qualify for the biggest discount, at least 25 participants must sign up. The deadline for all members to pay is Thanksgiving, so get your name on the list and start saving now! For more information, contact Susan Wehe at or call 972-238-6901.

Actions to Cool Global Warming

A GREENRichland tip

greentduck-rgb.jpg Tired of those pesky flies and mosquitoes? Here are some tips to keep them from buzzing around the house:

– Clear your garbage

-Use Citronella oil and candles

-Maintain indoor potted plants

-Check your screen doors

For more tips read this article from

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Upcoming Events

August 17

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New Employees

Colter Tanitia small
Tanitia Colter
Title: Financial Aid Coordinator II
Department: Financial Aid

Kirn Jimmy copy
Jimmy Kirn
Title: Carpenter II
Department: Facilities

not pictured
Stephen Levine
Title: Academic Advisor II
Department: Academic Advising

Mcminn Nic R small
Richard McMinn
Title: Technical Theater Specialist II
Department: Humanities

Phelps Tammy  small
Tammy Phelps
Title: Financial Aid Coordinator
Department: Financial Aid

not pictured
Kiara Smith
Title: Academic Advisor II
Department: Academic Advising

Wager Carrie small
Carrie Wager
Title: Financial Aid Coordinator II
Department: Financial Aid

Thanks, T-ducks

To: Dr. Jerry Wallace (School of Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts)

From: Joon Park, (former student)

Dear Dr. Wallace,

I often remember your music theory class and wonder what an interesting life choice I made back then. Ever since I took your class, I was able to realize what I can do and to have the courage to do it.

I graduated from Eastman in 2009 with a bachelor and master’s degree. I am preparing my Ph.D. in music theory at the University of Oregon. I developed interests in music cognition and the theory of Jazz. I found a professor who is well-known in these areas at the university. I will receive full tuition and a stipend as a graduate teaching fellow there. While in Rochester, I got to teach freshman and sophomore musicianship classes. It definitely feels better than making donuts!

I think of you often because without your support, I would be just a music lover. Thank you, Dr. Wallace, for everything!

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Dear Parker Nunley (School of Ethnic Studies, Social Science and Physical Education),

Please bear with me for a few paragraphs; I think it will be worth it.

A part of my despair over the last year has been the ordeal of my 69-year-old brother-in-law, Raymond, who underwent surgery last Christmas Day to have a perforated bowel removed completely. No one thought he would live. (He has Parkinson’s and he had fallen and broken his hip.) But he did live, and, after months of rehab — and another surgery — he is home here in Oak Cliff in his two-bedroom, one-bath house with his wife. Last night we had a gathering there.

His surgeon came. She is Dr. Laurel Powell (I do not know whether she changed her maiden name), and she practices at Charlton Methodist. It was she who saved his life last Christmas, and she graciously came to eat and to celebrate with us last night. As we visited after the grilled chicken and the Greek salad, she asked where I teach. When I told her Richland, she told me she had taken summer courses there in 1989 before going on to earn dual degrees in biology and biochemistry at UT Austin. She then went on to medical school at UT Southwestern at Galveston and to do her residency in New Orleans.

Her eyes lit up when I mentioned Richland. She had taken a couple of summer courses there, and she particularly (and with animated delight) remembered an anthropology course she had taken. You were her professor, and she remembers you fondly as the tall, lanky, long-haired anthropologist who taught her. When I told her I had known you since my student days at El Centro, she was very, very happy.

I thought you might want to know how well and fondly you are remembered by one who now saves lives on Christmas Day — and every other day for that matter. You and your teaching legacy continue to make a difference, my friend. Thank you for that.


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Captain Alfred Banks’ (Campus Police) mother, Rosie Lee Banks passed away June 13. Services were held June 19 at Calvary Tabernacle in Queen City, Texas

Andy Tubbs’ (ACCESS) mother, Captain Lucille K. Rosedale, passed away June 5. A memorial service was held July 7 at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, California. Captain Rosedale was a veteran of World War II and received full military honors.

Scott Longacre’s (Facilities) mother, Audrey Longacre, also grandmother of Austin Longacre (Facilities), passed away June 26. Services were held in Wills Point, Texas.

Kenneth Hart’s (Facilities) brother, passed away July 7.