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March 20, 2007


Spring tulips are in full bloom on the Richland campus. Photo by John Pollock.

Conference Day a success

This year’s Conference Day was held at each perspective campus throughout the District. Richland’s day included a talk from Dr. Mittelstet, a variety of breakout sessions, interactive group projects, and performances by RLC Theatre students. The day also included an unforgettable performance of the Richland ThunderDavas. For a video of their performance, click here. For a recap of the entire day, check out this YouTube video below:

Video provided by the Tonya McMillion and her TV Production I and II students.
Actions to Cool Global Warming

A GreenRichland Tip
Think Globally, Eat Locally

greentduck-rgb.jpgWant to eat healthier, support the local economy, and make a dent in global warming emissions? Buy food grown within 100 miles of your home. Here’s why: it tends to be healthier because it is often grown organically; your dollars get “plowed” right back into the regional economy; and much less fossil fuel is used in producing and transporting it. You can even join a community supported agriculture (CSA) co-op and receive a box of food every week in exchange for buying shares in an area farmer’s harvest — and yes, there are CSAs in North Texas. Find farmer’s markets, CSAs, and other resources at

Thundervalue in Action

Wendy Welch, Richland Theatre faculty member wrote this e-mail to a group of friends in response to the suicide of a Richland College Theatre student last month. Dr. Mittelstet asked Wendy to share this communication with the RLC family as it exemplifies the ThunderValues of Cooperation, Considerate and Meaningful Communication, and Wholeness. The following is an excerpt of the e-mail:

Dear friends,

I want to report on my day yesterday in the hopes we might all learn from it…

Thursday morning after class we learned that one of our Theatre students committed suicide at home. Unbelievable. She was new this semester and well loved by her fellow students. She was leading the publicity crew for the show and was excited about that. Clearly, there were some deep issues in this young woman’s life.

The details, the e-mails, the Facebook entries, the messages left are too numerous and difficult to list. But suffice it to say, it was an exhausting day.

The students reacted in a huge way. The faculty were all on hand all day and into the evening. The students were mostly contained to the green room all day long, and four of Richland’s wonderful crisis counselors spent the day with us.

Our Theatre faculty is even more amazing than I thought I already knew them to be. It was triage, holding one sobbing student, and then running after another who went screaming onto the loading dock and collapsed, and then back inside to continue holding heads and hands, talking them up from the depths of despair, anger and sadness, ordering pizza and chocolate to comfort, all sitting together expressing our feelings, sobbing some more, and then finally going ahead with our read-through of “Guys and Dolls” in the evening, which they all wanted.

What I want to express in retrospect, and there’s been a lot of that today, is that we must slow down and notice each other, listen to each other, take time for the ones we love, forgive, reach out, and be thankful for each other and each new day we’re on this earth together.

From deep down in my heart,

Wendy Welch

Upcoming Events

Photographer Luther Smith exhibit and lecture
7-9 p.m., March 24
Sponsored by: Richland College Photographic/Imaging Program
Luther Smith, TCU professor of art photography, will be showing his large format photographs and discussing the photography program at Texas Christian University.

Student Wall of Honor Ceremony
10:30 a.m., March 26
Crockett Hall

Real Estate Career Day
6:30-8:30 p.m., April 2
El Paso Hallway and Student Lounge
Sponsored by: Richland College Real Estate Department
Forty to fifty real estate companies will be attending with information about their career opportunities.

Spring Dance Concert
7:30 p.m., April 4
Fannin Performance Hall

If you have any other events you’d like to have publicized in the ThunderBridge, esigns, marquees and/or Web Calendar, click here.

Outstanding Employee of the Month

March 2008


June Cheatham

An excerpt from a congratulatory letter from Dr. Mittelstet:

Congratulations on being selected the Richland College Outstanding Employee for March 2008. Your award is well-deserved recognition of the exemplary service you have provided Richland College.

With your service as an adjunct faculty member for over 13 years, your hard work and commitment were recognized when you were elected president of the Adjunct Faculty Association. Since then, in your work as Associate Dean in the Humanities Division for the past six years, you now manage a large number of History and Government adjunct faculty, schedule courses, and respond to student concerns. Your experience as a former adjunct History faculty member provides added expertise in assisting our Humanities adjunct faculty in serving our students. In addition, your skills as a caring listener enable you to respond effectively to student concerns, and your tact and sense of humor have capably diffused some difficult situations…

Professor Fred Sweet and 13 Richland College clay arts students donated 93 handmade bowls to the “Empty Bowls” Annual Luncheon at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center on Feb. 22. The event drew more than 1,500 guests who enjoyed soups, bread and desserts from North Texas restaurants and food purveyors. The event raised $116,000 to fight hunger in North Texas.

Nearly 2,000 community members enjoyed the classic 1950 Broadway musical “Guys and Dolls” on Feb. 27 through March 1. A cast and crew of more than 40 Richland College students contributed to its success.

This Richland College production was especially noteworthy for the interdisciplinary collaboration between the college’s Music, Theatre and Dance departments. Contributors were:

Wendy Welch, adjunct Theatre faculty member
Dr. Michael Crawford, musical director
Glen Dawsons, choreographer
Chuck Sheffield, scenery designer
Cris Bay Anderson, lighting designer
Jennifer Owen, sound designer

Jean Conway, Vice-President of Student Learning, offered the following praise, “The production of ‘Guys and Dolls’ we saw on Friday night was outstanding. Every aspect of it was carried out superbly. Our friends, who joined my husband and me for this performance, said it was the best rendition of this musical play they had seen.”

Kevin Beard, lead faculty for Foreign Languages and Susan Barkley, dean of World Languages, Cultures & Communications, presented “Globalizing the Community College through Local and International Initiatives” at the annual conference of Community Colleges for International Development (CCID) on Feb. 25 in Long Beach California. The two spoke to more than 80 faculty members and administrators on Richland’s initiatives in internationalizing its curriculum, infusing cultural competency in employee professional development and connecting local and international students at home and abroad. Beard and Barkley also shared strategies for promoting global awareness and expanding multinational curricula through technology in online courses.

CCID provides opportunities for building global relationships that strengthen educational programs and promote economic development.

New Employees

Yquichessia “Keysha” McCloud
Title: Senior Rehabilitation Specialist
Department: Disability Services

Mark D. Goff
Title: Police officer
Department: Police Dept.

Rosa Rosalia
Title: Accounting Clerk B
Department: Accounting Services

Marisa Patlan
Title: Planning & Organizational Learning Specialist
Department: TOLI

Thanks, T-ducks

To: Gloria Washington and Bao Huynh, Institutional Research
From: Eddie Hueston, Facilities

The meeting you conducted yesterday to gather input on TOLI was one of the best-organized meetings I have ever attended at Richland. I felt everyone there had numerous opportunities to express recommendations for improvement, interact with other attendee’s ideas and genuinely felt comfortable that their thoughts were important. The outcome should reflect the quality of discussion you fostered.

Congratulations on a job well done.

*More Thanks, Thunderducks . . .


John (Harwood),

I am the 72-year-old lady that you were so gracious to help get registered last May for summer school. I lacked two courses to get my degree from Baylor University. Well, I have done that and just wanted to thank you for your help and tell you I will graduate Saturday the 15th of December! I have tried to catch you on the phone but did not connect so I hope you receive this. You told me about Jerry Wallace who was one of my professors and you were right, he is a great guy! I enjoyed my experience at Richland — especially all the students I was able to interact with. They called me “Miss Betty” and thought I was their grandma.

Thanks again!


Betty Oliver

*More letters . . .

*Thanks Thunderducks and Letters now has its own special page. If you would like for a letter of thanks to a fellow T-duck to appear there, please use this new, convenient online form. Letters from outside Richland may be e-mailed to or hard copies may be forwarded to the Information Services office. Thanks!


Redge (Media Center) and Claudia Graves (formerly of the Media Center and Muticultural Center) welcomed daughter Mia Teresa Graves on Tuesday, March 11. Claudia and Mia are doing well.


Former RLC student Crystal Simmons recently died of breast cancer. For more details, click here.

Chuck Sheffield’s (Humanities) mother, Gwen Sheffield, recently passed away. Her funeral was held on March 6 at the Blessing Funeral Home in Mansfield, Texas.