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July 20, 2007


Nominate a Faculty Wall of Honor recipient today

The Council for Teaching and Learning (CTL) sponsors a program that promotes featured teaching and learning practices at Richland College. The Richland Wall of Honor recognizes individual instructors and shares their innovative and successful teaching practices with the Richland learning community.

Anyone who teaches at Richland College, credit or continuing education (full-time or part-time), may be nominated. Nomination forms for fall 2007 awards are located at here.

This month’s featured Faculty Wall of Honor profile- Suzette Baker

Suzette Baker

Click here to view her profile.

Message from Richland IT

When a GroupWise user sends a message, that e-mail address is automatically copied into a folder titled “Frequent Contacts Address Book.” Technically, it is considered a personal address book.

The “Frequent Contacts” feature is useful but also creates a problem when your contacts’ e-mail addresses have changed. This, in turn, stores a large number of unnecessary e-mail addresses in the folder. Although it is created by GroupWise, the user can edit and delete stored information. It is advisable to confirm e-mail addresses and remove any invalid addresses held in your “Frequent Contacts” list.

To set options for your Frequent Contacts address book
1. Click the Address Book graphic on the toolbar.
2. Click the Frequent Contacts address book.
3. Click File > Properties > click the Options tab.
4. Select the options you want. To turn off names being placed into the Frequent Contacts address book, click Auto-Saving Off.
5. To delete names from this book, click the Delete Addresses Not Referenced Within Time Period check box > type a number in the Time Period box > click a time period from the drop-down list (from hours to years) > click Delete Now to remove old addresses.
6. Click OK to save your changes and close the Properties dialog box.
or Click Apply to save your changes and keep the Properties dialog box open.

Upward Bound students take prize

Upward Bound Students

RLC Upward Bound students display their award and prizes after winning the Third Annual Knowledge Bowl Competition.

Congratulations are in order to the students and staff of the RLC Upward Bound Program for bringing home a first place trophy in the Third Annual Knowledge Bowl Competition on July 6. Upward Bound participants from Cedar Valley, Eastfield, North Lake, and Richland were tested on their academic skills in history, science, nature, arts, sports and people, and places. This is Richland’s third win.

In other news, Upward Bound was awarded a $1,000 grant by the Jack and Jill of America, Dallas Chapter Foundation at a reception held in June.

Three new degrees give students more options

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approved three new associate of applied science degrees and one new non-credit certificate program for Richland College, effective fall 2007. The programs include Digital Forensics Technology, Interactive Simulation and Game Technology, Wireless Communication Technology, and Medical Practice Manager.

Beat the heat!

The RLC pool is open from noon-3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The pool is available for students, faculty, staff, and Fitness Center members only. For more details, contact Mike Miles.


Teacher prep instructor noted in Dallas Morning News

Teacher Preparation adjunct faculty member Elaine Krause was mentioned in an article by Dallas Morning News columnist Robert Miller on June 22. Krause is teacher, mentor, and child advocate and an award is given in her name for child care programs that support families and the development of its staff. For a online copy of the article, click here.

RLC President receives NISOD honor


The National Institute for Staff & Organizational Development (NISOD) honored Richland College President Dr. Stephen K. Mittelstet with the International Leadership Award last May at its International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence. The award recognizes individuals who are making a substantial difference in the world of higher education.

RLC Chronicle receives accolades for its online news

“The Richland Chronicle” staff, led by editor-in-chief Charles Reis and web developer Siddharth Parmar was honored with the Online Pacemaker Award from Associated Collegiate Press. The online version of the Pacemaker is given annually to college newspapers who exhibit excellence in college journalism. The Pacemaker is the college equivalent of the Pulitzer. The staff will accept their award in Washington, D.C., in October at the National Media Convention. For more information, visit

Richland Student Receives BKM Scholarship Honoring Chancellor


From left to right – Dr. Wright Lassiter Jr., DCCCD chancellor; Carlene Wilson, vice president of BKM; Carol Roehrig, president of BKM; scholarship recipient Ngoc Quang Dinh; Dr. Mittelstet, president of Richland College; and Clark Rachesky, senior account manager for BKM.

On June 28, Ngoc Quan Dinh, RLC pharmacy/biology honors student, became the second recipient of the $2,500 Dr. Wright Lassiter, Jr. BKM Scholarship. The scholarship was established in 2006 by BKM Total Office of Texas, a Dallas-based office furnishings company. Dr. Lassiter presented Ngoc the scholarship that will help him complete his education at Richland College and transfer to The University of Texas at Austin pharmacy program to fulfill his lifelong dream of helping build a better future for others.

For more on Ngoc, click here.

Richland College music instructor awarded scholarship for Hispanic leaders in higher ed


Richland College music instructor and Garland resident, Joe Perea, was recently awarded a scholarship by the Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education (TACHE) to participate in the National Community College Hispanic Council (NCCHC) Fellowship Institute.

The purpose of the Institute is to prepare and support Hispanic leaders in America’s community colleges, providing them with an opportunity to continue their professional growth. TACHE has a similar purpose, providing state, regional, and local forums for the discussion of issues related to Chicanos/Latinos in higher education and facilitating collaboration between higher educations institutions to create workable solutions for these issues.

RLC grad recipient of $68,500 scholarship

Student Thien Ho graduated from Richland College in May with a 4.0 GPA and was awarded a $68,500 scholarship at SMU, where she will major in accounting in the Cox School of Business. Thien came alone to the U.S. from Da Nang, Vietnam, in 2004 at age 15. She completed high school in one year and enrolled at Richland College. While taking classes, she also tutored students in Richland College’s Science Corner and TRIO/SOAR program and participated in the Student Government Association, Leadership Richland, and International Student Club.


New Employees

Kyle Barron
Kyle Barron, Administrative Assistant to the Instructional Dean

Carla Madison
Carla Madison, Human Resources Assistant II

Fermin Portillo, Custodian Foreman

Thanks, Thunderducks

To: Information Services
From: Whitney Rosenbalm

I wanted to thank you all for working so hard on Graduation. Thanks again to Lisa and everyone who stayed late to print and cut the Graduation marketing piece. It was well-received with lots of comments on both nights. Thanks to Anitra for coming out Friday night to assist with media. The Web Team for the special edition homepage art. Also, special thanks to Patricia and John for shooting (and re-shooting) flags for the Graduation backdrop, the last minute P.O., and the art negotiation. You are all a tribute to what you do and I’m thankful for you.

To: Various Thunderducks
From: Deb Somero

I want to publicly acknowledge a group of Thunderducks who recently stepped up to the plate to helped spread the word about Richland to two Garland ISD groups.

The first set of people (and my current heros) graciously gave up their Saturday morning on May 12 to serve participants at GISD’s first annual 5th grade College Expo. We served 144 students and parents (44 of them were primarily speakers of Spanish):

M.T. Hickman-Travel/tourism, Meeting and Exposition Planning
Dan Dao-Cont. Education
Dorian Barton-Business Institute
John Horn-Engineering, Engineering Technology
Nick Turner (5th grader at Cooper Elementary and my grandson, who handed out RLC materials)

Ruby Armstrong, GISD’s Coordinator of Guidance and Counseling, made a point of mentioning that Richland is always willing to help their students and that she is most appreciative of Richland’s “can do” attitude.

The second group of heros are folks who stepped up to the plate during a “down” period to provide a wonderful field experience for about 140 5th graders from Club Hill Elementary School over the past two days. These include:

Mary Ellen and Ken–Multimedia
Pat Zipper-Engineering, Engineering Technology
Karen Brack-Travel/Tourism, Meeting and Exposition planning
Steven Taylor-Educational Transitions
Claudia Goodson-Educational Transitions
Jay Wooldridge-SPAR

Last are a group of people who can always be counted on to help us provide meaningful experiences for our public school visitors:

Phil Key-Physical Education
Gail Donaldson and Doris Bush-Horticulture
Robert Galindo-Humanities
Rudy Carrillo-Business Institute
Lisa Graef-Educational Transitions
Eva Higgs Nixon-Teacher Preparation
Brent Donham-Engineering, Engineering Technology
Martha Hogan-Business and Information Technology
Dan Dao-Cont. Ed
Dwayne Carter-Multimedia

I am honored to call all of them colleagues.


To: Jean, Hilda Della-Sera, Steven Taylor, Eva Nixon Higgs, Rosalie Conoly, Carol Castillo, Vicki Allen, Samona Griffin and Carmencita Pagano

I am writing to thank you for the best tour we have ever been given-and we’ve been to many! Not only did you and the other presenters give the girls a lot of important information, but you also made them feel welcome and comfortable on your campus. Every concern the students might have had about their ability to earn a college degree was addressed, and the alternatives for those interested in vocational training were described in easy-to-understand terms. Your warm and inclusive manner as coordinator set the tone for an upbeat, stimulating session. Thank you again for eliminating every road block the PEP students might have set up in their minds prior to our visit. Now they have no excuses – you’ve welcomed them with open arms, financial aid, remedial instruction, flexible hours, and day care!

Best wishes,
Jan Campbell, PEP social worker
Frances Hare, PEP teacher


I wanted to express our deepest gratitude for your support and guidance with Sarah these last couple of years. We never would have realized everything the Dual-Credit program had to offer without such a knowledgeable, wonderful person working with us.

I can only imagine how challenging your job is, dealing with high-school level students in a college atmosphere. You handle it all very admirably.

Sarah was awarded admission to several colleges, and she accepted TCU. They offered her a generous scholarship award and we’re very, very excited.

While I give Sarah full credit for her hard work and accomplishments, I know she was guided.

I’m making Sarah a scrapbook for her graduation and would appreciate it, if when you have a minute, you could just email or mail a couple of lines that I could include in it. Something along the lines of advice, a quote, scripture, or words of encouragement.

Bonnie, thanks again for everything and I’m sure we’ll be calling in the future!

Sandra Ford