T-Dust Alert #46 – Office Furniture Replacement Program Phase I – Crockett Hall Second Floor/Fannin Hall Two Floors

WHAT?  Phase I of the office furniture replacement is scheduled to begin in individual offices after December 20, 2013.

WHERE?  Phase I will include the 33 individual offices on the second floor of Crockett Hall and the 19 individual offices on the first and second floors of Fannin Hall.

WHAT NOT?  This phase of the furniture replacement does not include replacement of furniture in academic school/division offices.

WHY?  Existing office furniture, originally installed in 1972 when the campus opened, has become worn and in disrepair.

HOW?  The furniture vendor/space planner measured each individual office and designed each furniture configuration to maximize the space, providing work surface, lateral filing, overhead storage, meeting table, task chair, and visitor chair.  Three furniture options are available in most offices with sufficient space to allow the faculty/instructional specialists to choose from a meeting table, bookcase, or an additional lateral file cabinet provided there is sufficient space for entrance, egress, and turning radius for a wheelchair.

WHEN?  While packing boxes are currently available for individuals who wish to begin packing their offices early, the offices do not have to be packed and vacated until after December 20.  Packing boxes may be requested for delivery to individual offices by contacting Lisa Eades in Facilities Services at x6359. 

WHO?  On Tuesday, December 17, Richland College Facilities Services and GCA contracted custodial services will be available to assist faculty/instructional specialists/staff in boxing and moving instructional materials and office contents to secure storage in the immediate area and to collect discarded materials in portable recycling bins to be shredded by Iron Mountain Recycling Company on campus.

WHAT ELSE?  On Tuesday, December 17, a table will be set up on the second floor of Crockett and in the lobby near the Humanities division office in Fannin.  Coffee and donuts will be available in the morning and pizza at lunch at these locations.

WHEN ELSE?  Faculty/instructional specialists/staff may take until Friday, December 20, to pack office contents for storage and removal of personal furniture from campus.  From December 21 to December 30, Facilities Services crew will remove old wall-mounted furniture, patch, and paint and replace worn carpeting in preparation for the installation of new furniture and the return of stored office items.

HOW ELSE?  All stored office materials will be delivered to individual offices by January 12.

HOW FUNDED?  Funds for the office furniture replacement program are being made possible through the Richland College Fund Balance.

WHERE ELSE?  Previous T-Dust Alerts may be found at http://www.richlandcollege.edu/construction