T-Ducks in a Row #144 – Annual Off-Campus Use of Equipment Inventory Goes Virtual

WHAT?  The annual off-campus use of equipment inventory process is going virtual this year.

WHY?  This change from an in-person visual verification process to a contact-less process is for the health and safety of all in involved, as well as for the convenience of those colleagues working remotely from home.

HOW?  Each employee who has college-issued equipment is asked to take a photo of the barcode and serial number of each piece of equipment in their possession.  Photos should be emailed to Lisa Eades, senior manager, facilities support services, at leades@dcccd.edu.

WHAT NEXT?  Once Lisa has received the equipment photo, she will complete an electronic Off-Campus Use of Equipment form with the barcode number, serial number, and description of the item.  There will be one form required per each off-campus equipment item.  Lisa will send a form to the employee via Adobe E-sign with places tagged on the form where to insert the employee’s name, signature, address, office and home phone numbers.  Once the employee has E-signed the form, it will be forwarded to the respective dean or supervisor for final E-signature.

WHEN?  The deadline for this process to be completed for each piece of off-campus equipment is Thursday, October 1, 2020.

WHAT ELSE?  if you have any questions about this new process, please call Lisa Eades at 972-238-6359.