T-Ducks in a Row #143 – Phase 3 Return-to-Campus Designated Building Entrances

WHAT? Building access for employees returning during the next phase of the return-to-campus process will only be permitted through designated exterior entrances to specific buildings.

WHEN? The return-to-campus phase for the next round of designated employee work groups begins Monday, August 3, 2020.

HOW? There will be only one entrance open per each designated building, and employees may only use those designated exterior entrances.

WHERE? Access will only be permitted through the following designated building entrances. Buildings not included on this list must be accessed through the nearest building entrance on this list.
• Thunderduck Hall
• Sabine Hall
• Wichita Hall
• Crockett Hall
• El Paso Hall
• Pecos Hall
• Lavaca Hall
• Del Rio Hall
• Fannin Hall
• Guadalupe Hall
• Kiowa Hall

HOW ELSE? Please adhere to all Dallas College Critical Response Office health and safety guidelines available on the return to the workplace checklist which lists the steps you must complete prior to returning.

WHO? You must show the Return to Workplace Pass authorization on the Appian App to the Welcome Assistants located at designated building entrances each time you enter a building.

WHERE ELSE? The two vehicular entrances on Walnut Street will allow access to campus. The Abrams Road entrance will remain closed.

THEN WHERE ELSE? Previous T-Ducks in a Row posts may be accessed at https://rlc5.dcccd.edu/tdr/