T-Ducks In a Row #134 – College-Wide Town Hall Meeting Hosted by Boston Consulting Group

WHAT?  A college-wide Town Hall meeting is being held.

WHO?  The Boston Consulting Group, a management consulting firm contracted by District, is conducting individual Town Hall meetings at all seven network colleges.  All Richland College faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged to attend our Town Hall meeting to share your perspectives in this dialogue relevant to all Richlanders and your important roles in advancing student success.

WHEN?  The Town Hall meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, March 20, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

WHERE?  The meeting will be held in the Fannin Hall Performance Hall.

WHY?  The goal of this Town Hall meeting is to collect your feedback, hear your perspectives, and capture your questions on the overall Student-Centric Transformation and the specific initiatives that are underway, such as the Policy Initiative and the Load and Schedule Management Initiative.  The on-campus Town Hall meeting will be dedicated to hearing in person from attendees.  The majority of the meeting time will be dedicated to an open mic opportunity for you to express your perspectives, limited to three minutes per person.

HOW?  Before the Town Hall meeting, please visit the website and FAQ’s page to learn more.  Several days prior to the event, a survey will be sent requesting your input to ask a question you have yourself or to express the topics that interest you the most.  The most frequently asked questions will be addressed via a short presentation at the beginning of the Town Hall meeting.  Others will be synthesized into additional FAQ responses on the website or responded to during he Virtual Town Hall meetings.

WHAT ELSE?  For those employees who cannot attend our live Town Hall meeting on campus, there will be two additional Virtual Town Hall meetings conducted on Friday, March 28, at 4:00 p.m., and Monday, April 1, at 4:00 p.m.

WHY ELSE?  The two Virtual Town Hall sessions will be held to recap what was heard at the seven colleges’ Town Hall meetings and to answer outstanding questions that were raised.  These sessions will be hosted via webinar.  Details, such as how to access the virtual session, will be published on the website events section in the coming days.