T-Ducks in a Row #129 – New Shredding Service and Procedure

WHAT? The Iron Mountain shredding service is being replaced by Data Shredding Services.

WHEN? The transition is effective immediately, and the Iron Mountain bins are being replaced with Data Shredding Services bins

WHAT ELSE? There are now only two bin size options available, 65-gallon or 95-gallon. The security console size is no longer available.

HOW? The previous process remains the same. If a shredding bin is close to being full, input a SchoolDude work order to have it exchanged for an empty bin.

HOW NOW? Unlike the previous procedure, Data Shredding Services employees will not be out and about on campus moving shredding bins when they are full.

WHO? All full bins will now be exchanged and moved by Richland College custodial services staff.

WHERE? The bins will be moved to a secure building within the fenced-in area in the Pecos yard. A Data Shredding Services truck will come to that location on a two-week rotation basis and shred all the discarded materials on site under the watch of a security camera.

WHERE ELSE? Previous editions of T-Ducks in a Row may be found at https://richlandcollege.edu/tdr