T-Ducks in a Row #126 – Active Crisis Tool Installations

WHAT? An Active Crisis Tool security, door-barricading device will be installed on main entrance doors of 300 classrooms, labs, and strategically located suites on both the Richland College main campus and Richland College Garland Campus.

WHY? During times when a shelter-in-place or lockdown event is necessary, this door-barricading device will help keep an intruder from entering the space.

HOW? An Active Crisis Tool will be installed at the base of each door, requiring only a simple push down by foot of the floor-penetrating rod to activate the device and a simple push by foot of the release button to disengage the device.

WHEN? The installations have been completed at the Garland Campus, and the installations currently in progress on the main campus will be completed by October 14.

WHO? This Richland College Office of Emergency Management safety and security project is being installed by Richland College Facilities Services staff.

WHAT ELSE? Demonstrations of this device will be conducted during upcoming Facilities 101 professional development sessions.

WHEN ELSE? The demonstrations will be held Thursday, October 13, at 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. in H132.

HOW ELSE? These Active Crisis Tools were purchased through the Richland College Fund Balance.

WHERE ELSE? Previous editions of T-Ducks in a Row may be found at https://richlandcollege.edu/tdr