T-Ducks in a Row #125 – Update on College Organizational Changes in Progress

WHAT?  As we create greater alignment between academic affairs and student services to increase student engagement, retention and timely completion, and incorporating the Guided Pathways, meta-majors model, the following organizational changes are in progress in various areas of the college.  Additional updates will be provided as we continue to hire for the 2016-2017 academic year.

WHEN?  These organizational changes become effective fall semester 2016.


 Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Geography, Government, Psychology, and Sociology will report to an instructional dean in the newly formed School of Social Sciences.  The search to fill the position of instructional dean is underway.

 Journalism and Speech will report to Executive Dean Susan Barkley, School of World Languages, Cultures, and Communications.

 Accounting, Business Administration, Business Office Systems and Support, Economics, International Business, Management, and Travel Exposition, & Meeting Management will report to Interim Instructional Dean Dwight Riley in the newly created School of Business.

 Computer Information Technology, Computer Science, Networking, Digital Forensics, Engineering, Engineering Technology (Manufacturing, Electrical Engineering Technology, and Electronics Technology), Multimedia, and Interactive Simulation & Game Technology will continue to report to Executive Dean Martha Hogan.

 In addition to Art, Dance, History, Humanities, Music, Philosophy, Photography/Imaging, Religion, and Theatre, the re-instated Teacher Education (Associate of Arts in Teaching) program will report to Executive Dean Diane Hilbert, School of Humanities, Fine & Performing Arts.

 The Center for Success in Mathematics, Developmental Education Advising, Developmental Math, Developmental Reading, Developmental Writing, EDUC 1300 Learning Framework, Fitness Center, Integrated Reading & Writing, Human Development, and Physical Education will report to Instructional Dean Thales Georgiou, School of Learning Enrichment and Academic Development.

 The Honors Academy, Institute for Global Citizenship, Integrative Learning, International Education (GEDAC), The Learning Center, Learning Communities, Peace Studies, Service Learning, Studies in Cultural Diversity, and Study Abroad, will report to the newly created Center for Integrative Learning and Teaching Innovation (CILTI). Leadership for the CILTI is in the process of being identified.

 Health Professions Advising for pre-med/allied health science majors will report to Executive Dean Ray Canham, School of Math, Science & Health Professions. These advisors will be housed in Wichita Hall.

 Executive Dean Becky Jones who provides leadership to Educational Partnerships, comprised of Dual Credit, Rising Star, College Connections/Grants, the University Transfer Center, and coordination of Richland College’s new partnership with Conrad High School’s Collegiate Academy, will report to Donna Walker, associate vice president for enrollment management and superintendent, Richland Collegiate High School.

  Health Center, Counseling, Disability Services, the CARE Team, and Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) will report to a new associate dean of learning support services. The search to fill this new position with a candidate with licensed professional counseling credentials, reporting directly to Donna Walker, is commencing.

• College Testing Center, Office of Student Life, Male Achievement Program, and coordination of student engagement/retention initiatives such as Journey to Success, Faculty in Support of Advising, Commit to Complete, and others to be identified will report to an associate dean, learning support services. The search to fill this new position reporting to Dean of Student Services Janita Patrick will commence soon.

The search for a new position of associate dean, learning support services for Advising and Career Services, reporting to Dean of Student Services Janita Patrick, will also commence soon.