T-Ducks in a Row #117 – District Professional Development Day

WHAT? A District Professional Development Day is scheduled this year in place of the former District Day of Service. It is a day that provides opportunities for academic school/division/workgroup professional development retreats, presentations, or sessions, attendance at the TCCTA Conference in San Antonio, or a normal work day in the office.

WHEN? District Professional Development Day is scheduled on Friday, February 7, the day following Professional Support Staff Conference Day and Faculty-Administrator Conference Day, on Thursday, February 6.

WHO? All faculty, staff, and administrators are expected to participate in one of the aforementioned activities, a normal work day in the office, or file vacation leave.

HOW? All college offices and services will be closed to the public, and no classes are scheduled.

WHERE? Academic schools, divisions, and workgroups will announce to their respective groups the specific locations of their various scheduled professional development activities, and provide TOLI sign-in sheets to ensure TOLI credit for professional development participation, where appropriate.

WHAT ELSE? For new employees, a Lakeside Chat with senior leadership is scheduled February 7 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in H132.

WHERE ELSE? Previous editions of T-Ducks in a Row may be found at http://www.richlandcollege.edu/tdr