T-Ducks in a Row #114 – Display of Signs and Posters Policy Reminder

WHAT?  This T-Ducks in a Row is an annual reminder about the Richland College Operational Memorandum – Display of Signs & Posters policy.

WHY?  This policy is in place to protect and maintain recently built, renovated, and existing campus spaces, internal and external concrete columns, glass walls and doors, painted and wood surfaces, and wood doors (other than personal hallway office doors).

WHEN?  This updated Operational Memorandum became effective January 3, 2011, and remains in effect today.

WHERE?  The Operational Memorandum is attached for convenient reference.  Information bulletin boards and kiosks for posting are available in student, high-traffic areas throughout campus.

HOW?  Approval and removal of signs has been delegated to various divisions and workgroups as detailed in the Operational Memorandum.  Blue painter’s tape is available from Facilities Services at no charge to be used to affix signs and posters to approved surfaces only.  Facilities Services staff routinely remove signs and posters affixed to unapproved surfaces and locations.

BUT WHAT ABOUT?  The only exceptions to this posting policy are:  students campaigning for Student Government Association office during the two official campaign periods each year and official College Police signage for campus safety and security bulletins.

HOW ELSE?  To publicize your event or activity, you may submit your information to College Communications and Marketing staff who work in collaboration with the Office of Student Life to publicize your information on the flat screen monitors strategically placed in student, high-traffic areas throughout campus, three outdoor, electronic marquees, and Richland College social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  The link to the electronic submission form is conveniently available at http://www.richlandcollege.edu/ccm/publicity.php 

WHAT ELSE?  Thank you for your cooperation in using approved posting sites and electronic publicity avenues to help publicize your activities and events, while helping to preserve our beautiful campus environment