T-Duck in a Row #137 – Lockdown Process Test

WHAT?  A test of the campus lockdown process of the College Emergency Alert System will be conducted to confirm Richland College’s ability to: 1) automatically lock all exterior doors simultaneously, and 2) issue public address notifications for campus lockdown in the event of an actual emergency.

WHAT ELSE?  This is test, not a drill, so employees are not expected to act in response to the notifications during this test.

WHEN?  This test will be conducted on Thursday, August 15, at 1:00 p.m.

WHERE?  This test will occur college-wide in all buildings.

HOW?  All exterior doors will be automatically locked at 1:00 p.m., and a verbal notification on the fire alarm public address system will sound at approximately 1:01 p.m.  The message will be: Attention … Attention.  This is a drill.  Intruder lockdown at Richland College, this is an intruder lockdown.  This is the College’s Emergency Alert System.  Go to the nearest room and lock down.  I repeat, this is an intruder lockdown at Richland College.”  An additional announcement will be made on the telephone override system on all campus telephones.

 HOW LONG?  This notification will repeat for approximately 6 minutes.  At approximately 1:07 p.m., the “All Clear” notifications will be given, and exterior doors will be automatically unlocked.  If you need to exit your building during the test, you can push the red exit button to open doors from the inside.

WHO?  The test will be conducted by the Richland College Crisis Management Strategic Planning Team, College Police, Facilities Services, and College Emergency Response Team volunteers.

WHO ELSE?  During the test, all employees need to help assess the effectiveness of the emergency public address notifications in their respective classrooms or work areas. • Was the notification loud enough?  • Could you clearly understand the words?  • Did the notification provide useful instructions?

THEN WHAT?  Shortly after the test, an online survey will be sent to all employees to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the lockdown process.  Please take a few minutes to submit your feedback.