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T-Ducks in Row #120 – SMILE! New Richland College Photo Staff Directory to Launch Soon

WHAT? Does your Richland College Staff Directory photo date back to the Nixon administration? Does your photo resemble your prom night photograph? Does your image bear an uncanny resemblance to R. Mobius Thunderduck because you did not provide a photo? Can your colleagues and students even recognize you anymore? Well, now is your chance to change that!

WHO? If you are a full-time faculty member, professional support staff, or administrator, your directory information is included in the official online Richland College Staff Directory.

WHEN? A new, improved version of the Richland College Staff Directory will launch very soon, so you will want to give us your best shot with current information about your correct school/division, position title, office number, and telephone number. Once all information is updated, the new directory will be released college-wide.

WHY? A new online Staff Directory is part of a larger, responsive design website redesign that will be launched soon. In the meantime, in order to launch the new directory, we need your help making sure your information is up-to-date.

HOW? Please check your contact information by following these three easy steps:
1) Go to this URL in your browser:
2) Start typing your name. As you type, your current information and photo will auto-fill.
3) Check to make sure your information is correct and the photo shown is the correct one.

HOW ELSE? If for some reason you are not listed in the directory or your contact information is incorrect, please email your updated information to and the WebTeam will update it for you.

WHERE? If you would like a new photo taken for the Staff Directory, please contact Lisa Grippo ( at x6028 in B207, and she will schedule an appointment with our photographer during one of the four photo sessions from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. – March 27, April 15, April 29, or May 1.

WHAT ELSE? If you choose, you will also be able to post your new photo as your My Portal Outlook profile photo for your Outlook e-mail.

T-Ducks in a Row # 119 – Richland College Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation (CARE) Team

WHAT? A Richland College Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation (CARE) Team has been established to extend and promote the Richland College culture of caring for students, faculty, and staff and to help nurture and sustain an environment of civility, respect, and safety in our classrooms and throughout campus.

WHO? Lakeside Resource Center licensed professional counselors, in collaboration with the Student Development Division, School of Learning Enrichment and Academic Development, Human Resources, and College Police initiated this CARE Team program.

HOW? The mission of the Richland College CARE Team is to:
• connect students with appropriate campus support services;
• provide referrals to community resources and agencies as needed;
• monitor the progress of referred students, faculty, or staff;
• report concerns through an online website: and
• refer students or college employees in personal emergency situations to the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) chaired by the Vice President of Student Development.

If certain unusual behavior causes you to become concerned about the personal safety of a student, faculty member, or staff member to themselves or others or the safety of the college campus, please make a referral to the CARE Team online at

WHEN? The CARE Team’s motto is “If you see something, say something.” This initiative encourages Richlanders to report concerns about students and staff members potentially in personal crisis so that intervention assistance can be provided. Instances to be observed and reported are:
• alarming references to the use of guns, ammunition, or bombs on campus or in the community
• outbursts of anger
• self-injury (cutting, binging, purging)
• signs of alcohol/drug abuse
• suicidal remarks or attempts
• threats made to other students, staff members, or members of the community
• unusual or exaggerated emotional responses
• verbal or physical threats

WHAT ELSE? CARE Team Co-chairs Ellicia Money, licensed professional counselor, in E084K at 214-890-3861 or LaShawn Grant, college director of human resources, in H102A at 972-238-6241 can be contacted for additional information.

T-Ducks in a Row #118 – Building Access for MLK Holiday Weekend

WHAT? Buildings will be open during the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday weekend to allow for spring semester preparation work.

WHO? Faculty and staff may access their offices.

WHEN? Building hours will be Saturday – 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sunday – Noon to 5 p.m.; and Monday – 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

WHAT NOT? Academic school offices and student services will not be open to the public for business.

WHO ELSE? The Follett Bookstore will be open for business Saturday and Monday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

WHEN ELSE? Normal building hours will resume Tuesday at 6 a.m.

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T-Ducks in a Row #117 – District Professional Development Day

WHAT? A District Professional Development Day is scheduled this year in place of the former District Day of Service. It is a day that provides opportunities for academic school/division/workgroup professional development retreats, presentations, or sessions, attendance at the TCCTA Conference in San Antonio, or a normal work day in the office.

WHEN? District Professional Development Day is scheduled on Friday, February 7, the day following Professional Support Staff Conference Day and Faculty-Administrator Conference Day, on Thursday, February 6.

WHO? All faculty, staff, and administrators are expected to participate in one of the aforementioned activities, a normal work day in the office, or file vacation leave.

HOW? All college offices and services will be closed to the public, and no classes are scheduled.

WHERE? Academic schools, divisions, and workgroups will announce to their respective groups the specific locations of their various scheduled professional development activities, and provide TOLI sign-in sheets to ensure TOLI credit for professional development participation, where appropriate.

WHAT ELSE? For new employees, a Lakeside Chat with senior leadership is scheduled February 7 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in H132.

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T-Ducks in a Row #116 – Organizational Changes

WHAT? Recent organizational changes have been made in various areas of the college.


  • Tameka Minter has joined the Lakeside Resource Center Counseling staff as a professional counselor.
  • Deb Richards, director of corporate and community relations, has laterally transferred from Richland Collegiate High School to the Grants Management Department, handling post-grant award management following the recent resignation of the former grants manager. The Grants Management Department, formerly located in the Business Services office, is now part of Resource Development, reporting to Garth Clayton, dean of resource development. Grants Management staff now office in the Office of Planning, Research, Effectiveness, and Development in Neches 205. A search is underway to fill the senior administrative assistant position following the recent resignation of the former senior administrative assistant.
  • Carter Bedford, director student programs and resources II, has joined the Office of Student Life following the retirement of the former director.
  • Martha Burgess, college nurse I, has joined the Health Center.
  • Herman Jackson, principal, and Craig Hinkle, assistant principal, have joined Richland Collegiate High School.

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T-Dust Alert #46 – Office Furniture Replacement Program Phase I – Crockett Hall Second Floor/Fannin Hall Two Floors

WHAT?  Phase I of the office furniture replacement is scheduled to begin in individual offices after December 20, 2013.

WHERE?  Phase I will include the 33 individual offices on the second floor of Crockett Hall and the 19 individual offices on the first and second floors of Fannin Hall.

WHAT NOT?  This phase of the furniture replacement does not include replacement of furniture in academic school/division offices.

WHY?  Existing office furniture, originally installed in 1972 when the campus opened, has become worn and in disrepair.

HOW?  The furniture vendor/space planner measured each individual office and designed each furniture configuration to maximize the space, providing work surface, lateral filing, overhead storage, meeting table, task chair, and visitor chair.  Three furniture options are available in most offices with sufficient space to allow the faculty/instructional specialists to choose from a meeting table, bookcase, or an additional lateral file cabinet provided there is sufficient space for entrance, egress, and turning radius for a wheelchair.

WHEN?  While packing boxes are currently available for individuals who wish to begin packing their offices early, the offices do not have to be packed and vacated until after December 20.  Packing boxes may be requested for delivery to individual offices by contacting Lisa Eades in Facilities Services at x6359. 

WHO?  On Tuesday, December 17, Richland College Facilities Services and GCA contracted custodial services will be available to assist faculty/instructional specialists/staff in boxing and moving instructional materials and office contents to secure storage in the immediate area and to collect discarded materials in portable recycling bins to be shredded by Iron Mountain Recycling Company on campus.

WHAT ELSE?  On Tuesday, December 17, a table will be set up on the second floor of Crockett and in the lobby near the Humanities division office in Fannin.  Coffee and donuts will be available in the morning and pizza at lunch at these locations.

WHEN ELSE?  Faculty/instructional specialists/staff may take until Friday, December 20, to pack office contents for storage and removal of personal furniture from campus.  From December 21 to December 30, Facilities Services crew will remove old wall-mounted furniture, patch, and paint and replace worn carpeting in preparation for the installation of new furniture and the return of stored office items.

HOW ELSE?  All stored office materials will be delivered to individual offices by January 12.

HOW FUNDED?  Funds for the office furniture replacement program are being made possible through the Richland College Fund Balance.

WHERE ELSE?  Previous T-Dust Alerts may be found at  

T-Ducks in a Row #115 – Supplemental Maintenance Budget Request (BR-11) Process Improvement

WHAT?  Facilities Services has developed a process improvement to increase the efficiency in Richland’s annual Supplemental Maintenance Budget Request (BR-11) process.

WHY?  This process improvement will allow Facilities Services staff to manage more efficiently minor construction/renovation projects within budget and on schedule.

WHO?  Any school, division, department, or workgroup desiring construction or renovation to its area should complete a BR-11 form and obtain its area vice president’s signature prior to submitting the request to Facilities Services by the published deadline.

WHERE?  This process change will be effective college-wide, better align with the college’s annual budget cycle, and minimize the occurrence of out-of-cycle requests.

HOW?  The new BR-11 form is available on Richland’s Intranet website at .

WHEN?  The new, improved Supplemental Maintenance Budget Request (BR-11) process is effective immediately.

HOW ELSE?  To learn more about this process improvement and the necessary steps to request a minor construction/renovation project, a Facilities 101 professional development presentation will be offered October 29 at 1:00 p.m. and October 31 at 9:00 a.m.  Registration information is available on the TOLI Training Calendar website

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T-Ducks in a Row #114 – Display of Signs and Posters Policy Reminder

WHAT?  This T-Ducks in a Row is an annual reminder about the Richland College Operational Memorandum – Display of Signs & Posters policy.

WHY?  This policy is in place to protect and maintain recently built, renovated, and existing campus spaces, internal and external concrete columns, glass walls and doors, painted and wood surfaces, and wood doors (other than personal hallway office doors).

WHEN?  This updated Operational Memorandum became effective January 3, 2011, and remains in effect today.

WHERE?  The Operational Memorandum is attached for convenient reference.  Information bulletin boards and kiosks for posting are available in student, high-traffic areas throughout campus.

HOW?  Approval and removal of signs has been delegated to various divisions and workgroups as detailed in the Operational Memorandum.  Blue painter’s tape is available from Facilities Services at no charge to be used to affix signs and posters to approved surfaces only.  Facilities Services staff routinely remove signs and posters affixed to unapproved surfaces and locations.

BUT WHAT ABOUT?  The only exceptions to this posting policy are:  students campaigning for Student Government Association office during the two official campaign periods each year and official College Police signage for campus safety and security bulletins.

HOW ELSE?  To publicize your event or activity, you may submit your information to College Communications and Marketing staff who work in collaboration with the Office of Student Life to publicize your information on the flat screen monitors strategically placed in student, high-traffic areas throughout campus, three outdoor, electronic marquees, and Richland College social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  The link to the electronic submission form is conveniently available at 

WHAT ELSE?  Thank you for your cooperation in using approved posting sites and electronic publicity avenues to help publicize your activities and events, while helping to preserve our beautiful campus environment