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T-Ducks in a Row #143 – Phase 3 Return-to-Campus Designated Building Entrances

WHAT? Building access for employees returning during the next phase of the return-to-campus process will only be permitted through designated exterior entrances to specific buildings.

WHEN? The return-to-campus phase for the next round of designated employee work groups begins Monday, August 3, 2020.

HOW? There will be only one entrance open per each designated building, and employees may only use those designated exterior entrances.

WHERE? Access will only be permitted through the following designated building entrances. Buildings not included on this list must be accessed through the nearest building entrance on this list.
• Thunderduck Hall
• Sabine Hall
• Wichita Hall
• Crockett Hall
• El Paso Hall
• Pecos Hall
• Lavaca Hall
• Del Rio Hall
• Fannin Hall
• Guadalupe Hall
• Kiowa Hall

HOW ELSE? Please adhere to all Dallas College Critical Response Office health and safety guidelines available on the return to the workplace checklist which lists the steps you must complete prior to returning.

WHO? You must show the Return to Workplace Pass authorization on the Appian App to the Welcome Assistants located at designated building entrances each time you enter a building.

WHERE ELSE? The two vehicular entrances on Walnut Street will allow access to campus. The Abrams Road entrance will remain closed.

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T-Ducks in a Row #142 – Richland Campus Receiving Has a New Email Address

WHAT? There is a new email address to use to contact Richland Receiving.

WHERE? The new email address for Richland Receiving is

WHY? This new email address will help Receiving staff service Receiving requests much faster and more efficiently. Now rather than requests going to an individual in Receiving, everyone in the department will receive the request.

WHEN? This new email address is effective immediately.

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T-Ducks in a Row #141 – Process for Staff/Administrators/Faculty to Retrieve and Return Items from Campus, May 18 – May 21
WHAT?  Temporary access to campus is being allowed to retrieve items from offices and work areas.
WHO?  Staff, administrators, and faculty will be allowed temporary access to campus.
WHEN?  By appointment only, access will be allowed and pre-scheduled for a 50-minute window per employee during hourly time slots Monday, May 18, through Thursday, May 21, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This access period does not include Garland Campus employees. They will be contacted soon as to when their access will be scheduled.
HOW?  Employees must contact their supervisors to request appointment times. Employees should indicate their first and second choices for an access appointment, and they must indicate the building and room number to which they seek access. Supervisors will compile requests for their work areas and submit them to Lynita Cook, senior administrative assistant, Business Services, who will compile a master schedule.  A limit of 10 employees will be scheduled per hour per campus building.
  • Employees will be required to take their temperature prior to leaving home. If the temperature is above 100 degrees, an employee should remain home, and arrangements to come to campus at a later date will be made.
  • All employees accessing the campus must wear masks and maintain social distancing throughout the campus visit.
  • Masks must be shown to College Police to be allowed access through the Walnut Street West Circle entrance to campus. This will be the only access point allowed to gain entrance to campus, and College Police will be adhering to the master schedule to confirm access approval.
  • Employees will not be allowed to retrieve computers from their offices.
  • Employees will not be asked about the purpose or description of items being retrieved; however the VPBS reserves the right not to schedule an individual if the request exceeds the scope detailed above or items are deemed unnecessary.
WHAT ELSE?  The deadline for supervisors to submit requests for employee access to campus is as soon as possible or no later than Thursday, May 14, at  5:00 p.m. so that a master schedule can be compiled.  If you have questions regarding this process, please contact Finney Varghese, Richland vice president for business services (VPBS), at

T-Ducks in a Row #140 – ThunderValues in Quarantine Quotes Requested

WHAT?  As we face the ongoing challenges of teaching, learning, and working at a distance apart from our treasured Thunderduck colleagues, our community building and ThunderValues have become more essential than ever with each other and our students. Integrity; Mutual Trust; Wholeness; Fairness; Considerate, Meaningful Communications; Mindfulness; Cooperation; Diversity; Responsible Risk-Taking; and Joy.

WHERE? Working online at a distance does not allow us to post ThunderValues in Action pop-ups on remote computer screens like we can on campus, so we are moving them to the ThunderBridge, our employee newsletter published online each Thursday.

WHY?  This temporary ThunderValues in Quarantine feature is designed to promote community building until we are back together again in our campus community.

WHO?  This is where we need you! Please submit a ThunderValue in Action quote about a ThunderValue that has become even more meaningful to you as we teach/learn/work at a distance from our Thunderduck community. Even if you have provided a quote in the past, please feel free to submit another quote.

WHERE ELSE? You can review the Richland College ThunderValues at Thundervalues

TO WHOM?   Please submit your ThunderValue in Action quote to Janet James by simply replying to this message or you may submit your quote through the link published each week in the ThunderBridge.

WHAT ELSE?  Along with your quote, please feel free to submit a fun selfie photo of you teaching, learning, or working from your home away from your Richland home or we can post your employee photo with your quote.

WHEN?  Please send a quote as soon as the Thunderduck spirit moves you! A new quote will be featured each week.

WHAT NOW?  Stay home, stay well, stay safe!


T-Ducks in a Row #138 – Smoke-Free/Tobacco-Free/Vape-Free Campus

WHAT? Richland College is a smoke-free/tobacco-free/vape-free campus.

WHEN? This smoke-free/tobacco-free/vape-free campus environment goes into effect beginning Monday, August 26, 2019.

WHY? The use of tobacco products and vape products and second-hand exposure to these products have been proven to be harmful to respiratory health.

WHERE? The open use of any tobacco or vape products will be prohibited on the grounds of Richland College, including all athletic fields. Use of tobacco or vape products will only be allowed in the interior compartments of personal vehicles in campus parking lots or on city-owned sidewalks on the periphery of campus.

HOW? Students, faculty, and staff interested in obtaining smoking, tobacco-use, and vaping cessation program resources and referrals are encouraged to contact the Richland College Health Center in Thunderduck Hall, T110, for information.

WHAT ELSE? Thank you for your cooperation in helping maintain a healthy environment on our Richland College campus.

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T-Ducks in a Row #136 – Key Card Access Control System Change

WHAT?  A new key card access control software will be installed replacing the existing key card access control software.

WHEN? The key card access control system migration process will begin on Monday, July 8, 2019.

WHO?  Campus Police will now assume complete responsibility for all key card access requests processing, distribution, and monitoring.

HOW?  Securadyne Systems, the security system vendor, will handle the migration process from the existing software to the new software.  This migration will take approximately 21 days, and during this migration period, No new key cards will be issued for access.

THEN WHAT?  When Campus Police notifies the college that the system migration is complete, key card access requests must then be submitted to College Police, not to Facilities Services.

HOW ELSE?  Facilities Services is currently changing the Key/Key Card Request Form on SchoolDude to state that key card access requests must be made through Campus Police.  However, Facilities Services will continue to process key requests through SchoolDude, and will continue to make and distribute physical door keys.

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T-Ducks in a Row #133 – College Emergency Alert System Lockdown Process Test February 28, 2019

WHAT? A test of the campus lockdown process of the College Emergency Alert System will be conducted to confirm Richland College’s ability to: 1) automatically lock all exterior doors simultaneously, and 2) issue public address notifications for a campus lockdown in the event of an actual emergency.

WHAT ELSE? This is a test not a drill, so employees are not expected to act in response to the public service notifications during this test.

WHEN? This test will be conducted on Thursday, February 28, at 12:05 p.m.

WHERE? This test will occur college-wide in all buildings.

HOW? All exterior doors will be automatically locked at 12:05 p.m., and a verbal notification on the fire alarm public address system will sound at approximately 12:06 p.m. The message will be: “Attention … Attention. This is a drill. Intruder lockdown at Richland College, this is an intruder lockdown. This is the College’s Emergency Alert System. Go to the nearest room and lock down. I repeat, this is an intruder lockdown at Richland College.” An additional announcement will be made on the telephone override system on all campus telephones.

HOW LONG? This notification will repeat for approximately 5 minutes. At approximately 12:10 p.m., the “All Clear” notifications will be given, and exterior doors will be automatically unlocked. If you need to exit your building during the test, you can push the red “Exit” button to unlock the door.

WHO? The test will be conducted by the Richland College Crisis Management Strategic Planning Team, College Police, Facilities Services, and College Emergency Response Team volunteers.

WHO ELSE? During the test, all employees need to help assess the effectiveness of the emergency public address notifications in their respective classrooms or work areas. • Was the notification loud enough? • Could you clearly understand the words? • Did the notifications provide useful instructions?

THEN WHAT? Shortly after the test, an online survey will be sent to all employees to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the lockdown process. Thank you for your cooperation in completing the survey.

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T-Ducks In A Row #132 – New RLC Email Group Use Process

WHAT?  Beginning Tuesday, September 4, 2018, Richland College will implement a moderation process in the use of RLC email.  Due to FERPA requirements, privacy laws, and privacy policies and consistent with our Network sister colleges, Richland College will limit the Richland employees who are authorized to use the RLC email group for official business only.

WHY?  Sensitive information released in emails is not always appropriate for RLC college-wide dissemination and places the college at risk of violating FERPA and privacy requirements.

WHO?  Permission to send RLC emails about official college business will be granted to specific individuals in the following areas:

  • College Communications, Marketing & Outreach (CCMO)
  • College Police
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • RLC Rooms
  • ThunderTeam
  • ThunderWater Organizational Learning Institute

HOW?  Emails sent to RLC will be moderated in accordance with the new process in which unauthorized RLC emails will be routed to a moderator who will work with the sender to find other more effective methods to disseminate the information to the intended audience.

HOW ELSE?  Those other more effective ways to promote news and events that will be suggested are:

  • Establish a sub email group:  IT can assist you in creating a sub-email group to be used for official business targeted to specific academic schools, disciplines, workgroups, and employee associations.
  • For internal audiences:  Use the ThunderBridge Submission Form to reach college employees via MyPortal posts and the weekly email to the college.  Submit here: If you wish to send a non-college, information-related email to employees, email  If  you would like to join the 8Underground email list, contact IT at 
  • For external audiences:  Use the Publicity Request Form to request publicity on Richland College’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites, digital marquees, campus flat-screen panels, the online events calendar, and more.  Submit here: 
  • If there is an emergency on campus, please call College Police at 911 from any office phone or 972-860-4290 from a cell phone.

WHAT ELSE?   A newly designed, colorful ThunderBridge, the Richland employee newsletter, will launch on Thursday, September 6, at and continue to publish each Thursday as the weekly college-wide information outlet.  CCMO also continuously posts information such as employee and student success news, and even new employee photos, in the Richland College News Section of MyPortal.

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T-Ducks in a Row #131 – Rise Up, RICHLAND! Student Engagement Employee Appreciation Program

WHAT? The Rise Up, RICHLAND! Student Engagement Employee Appreciation Program provides opportunities to acknowledge observed ThunderValues in real action supporting student success.

WHEN? Each Richland College employee will receive a Rise Up, RICHLAND! lanyard and Rise Up, RICHLAND! starter button on Monday, April 9, the first day of the 2018 Employee Appreciation Week, April 9 – April 13.

HOW? The College Communications, Marketing, and Outreach (CCMO) Thundercart will deliver lanyards, buttons, coffee, and cookies to celebrate all Richland College employees.

WHERE? The CCMO Thundercart will personally visit every work group location on campus for the distribution.

WHY? Our ThunderValues are central to our Richland College culture, and just as we honor exceptional achievements in student success and student engagement during our annual Student Wall of Honor and Student Engagement Awards celebrations, we also want to honor day-to-day employee achievements and successes as you Rise Up, RICHLAND! to assist, support, and engage our students. .

HOW ELSE? Wear your lanyard, and collect the array of individually designed Rise Up, RICHLAND! buttons from supervisors when you Rise Up! and demonstrate what it means to be a dedicated ThunderDuck helping students! Employee IDs and copier cards can also be carried in the plastic sleeve of your lanyard.

WHAT ELSE? Thank you for all you do every day for our students.

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T-Ducks in a Row #130 – Hurricane Harvey Relief Project – RCHS Service Learning Project

WHAT? Rise up, Richland! Richland Collegiate High School Service Learning students are organizing a year-long Hurricane Harvey relief project first by sponsoring a Drive-by Drop-off to collect cleaning supplies to be delivered to Mont Belvieu, Texas.

WHO? The 5,000 residents of Mont Belvieu, a small town situated northeast of Houston, are suffering from the aftermath of the devastation of 61 inches of rain caused by Hurricane Harvey.

WHO ELSE? RCHS Service Learning students in 23 AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) classes have pledged to reach out and help this small community in a long-term commitment to see the Mont Belvieu residents through the extended recovery process.

HOW? The first step in the project is to collect cleaning supplies to aid in the massive clean-up efforts as the flood waters recede.

WHEN? This Mont Belvieu Drive-by Drop-off is scheduled on Friday, September 8, from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

WHERE? The two collection sites that RCHS student volunteers will staff are the Sabine Hall West Circle Drive and the East Circle Drive near Lavaca Hall.

WHAT ELSE? The following cleaning supplies will be collected: buckets; heavy duty cleaners–bleach/disinfectants; dish soap; laundry detergent; hand sanitizer; hand soap; insect repellent; scrub brushes; sponges; cleaning cloths and towels; heavy duty trash bags; paper towels; protective masks; disposable gloves; work gloves; and clotheslines and clothespins.

HOW ELSE? The donated items will be transported to Mont Belvieu this Saturday for distribution to residents.

WHEN ELSE? In November, RCHS Service Learning students will collect food items, and in December, they will collect warm clothing. Announcements will be made then concerning collection times.

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