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T-Ducks in a Row #136 – Key Card Access Control System Change

WHAT?  A new key card access control software will be installed replacing the existing key card access control software.

WHEN? The key card access control system migration process will begin on Monday, July 8, 2019.

WHO?  Campus Police will now assume complete responsibility for all key card access requests processing, distribution, and monitoring.

HOW?  Securadyne Systems, the security system vendor, will handle the migration process from the existing software to the new software.  This migration will take approximately 21 days, and during this migration period, No new key cards will be issued for access.

THEN WHAT?  When Campus Police notifies the college that the system migration is complete, key card access requests must then be submitted to College Police, not to Facilities Services.

HOW ELSE?  Facilities Services is currently changing the Key/Key Card Request Form on SchoolDude to state that key card access requests must be made through Campus Police.  However, Facilities Services will continue to process key requests through SchoolDude, and will continue to make and distribute physical door keys.

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T-Ducks in a Row #135 – Reorganization of Academic Schools

The following reorganization changes will take place in areas supervised by Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success Dr. Shannon Cunningham.

With the August retirement of Executive Dean Dr. Ray Canham and the initiation of co-requisite classes in Mathematics and Developmental Mathematics, the timing is appropriate to re-align and balance the load responsibilities of the Academic Schools to enhance service to students.

The changes will be effective August 1, 2019.


  • The School of Mathematics, Science, and Health Professions will become two separate Academic Schools.
  • The new School of Mathematics, led by Executive Dean Mr. Thales Georgiou, will include the disciplines of Mathematics and Developmental Mathematics and will also retain the Comprehensive Advisement Placement (CAP) Success Advising Center for Developmental Education and the Learning Center.
  • The new School of Science and Health Professions, led by the new Executive Dean soon to be selected, will include the disciplines of Sciences and Health Professions.
  • The School of World Languages, Cultures, and Communications will become two separate Academic Schools.
  • The new School of Communications, led by Executive Dean Ms. Susan Barkley, will include the disciplines of English, Journalism/Mass Communication, Speech Communication, and Integrated Reading and Writing.
  • The new School of World Languages and Cultures, led by Executive Dean Ms. Diana Urrutia, will include the disciplines of Foreign Languages and ESOL, and the Intensive Learning Communities, American English and Culture Institute, Language Center, and Multicultural Center.
  • The new School of Social Sciences and Wellness, led by Executive Dean Dr. LaQueta Wright, will include the disciplines of Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Geography, Government, History, Psychology, Sociology, Fitness Center, Human Development, Kinesiology, Learning Framework, and Physical Education.

The names of the realigned Academic Schools will be changed so that the titles more clearly represent the instructional areas and services they encompass. The names of the Academic Schools will now be:

  • The School of Mathematics
  • The School of Science and Health Professions
  • The School of Communications
  • The School of World Languages and Cultures
  • The School of Social Sciences and Wellness

The instructional areas and services they encompass of the following Academic Schools will remain the same:

  • The School of Business
  • The School of Engineering and Technology
  • The School of Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts

No faculty offices will be relocated as a result of these realignments.

For those employees who cannot attend our live Town Hall meeting on campus, there will be two additional Virtual Town Hall meetings conducted on Friday, March 28, at 4:00 p.m., and Monday, April 1, at 4:00 p.m.

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T-Ducks In a Row #134 – College-Wide Town Hall Meeting Hosted by Boston Consulting Group

WHAT?  A college-wide Town Hall meeting is being held.

WHO?  The Boston Consulting Group, a management consulting firm contracted by District, is conducting individual Town Hall meetings at all seven network colleges.  All Richland College faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged to attend our Town Hall meeting to share your perspectives in this dialogue relevant to all Richlanders and your important roles in advancing student success.

WHEN?  The Town Hall meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, March 20, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

WHERE?  The meeting will be held in the Fannin Hall Performance Hall.

WHY?  The goal of this Town Hall meeting is to collect your feedback, hear your perspectives, and capture your questions on the overall Student-Centric Transformation and the specific initiatives that are underway, such as the Policy Initiative and the Load and Schedule Management Initiative.  The on-campus Town Hall meeting will be dedicated to hearing in person from attendees.  The majority of the meeting time will be dedicated to an open mic opportunity for you to express your perspectives, limited to three minutes per person.

HOW?  Before the Town Hall meeting, please visit the website and FAQ’s page to learn more.  Several days prior to the event, a survey will be sent requesting your input to ask a question you have yourself or to express the topics that interest you the most.  The most frequently asked questions will be addressed via a short presentation at the beginning of the Town Hall meeting.  Others will be synthesized into additional FAQ responses on the website or responded to during he Virtual Town Hall meetings.

WHAT ELSE?  For those employees who cannot attend our live Town Hall meeting on campus, there will be two additional Virtual Town Hall meetings conducted on Friday, March 28, at 4:00 p.m., and Monday, April 1, at 4:00 p.m.

WHY ELSE?  The two Virtual Town Hall sessions will be held to recap what was heard at the seven colleges’ Town Hall meetings and to answer outstanding questions that were raised.  These sessions will be hosted via webinar.  Details, such as how to access the virtual session, will be published on the website events section in the coming days.

T-Ducks in a Row #133 – College Emergency Alert System Lockdown Process Test February 28, 2019

WHAT? A test of the campus lockdown process of the College Emergency Alert System will be conducted to confirm Richland College’s ability to: 1) automatically lock all exterior doors simultaneously, and 2) issue public address notifications for a campus lockdown in the event of an actual emergency.

WHAT ELSE? This is a test not a drill, so employees are not expected to act in response to the public service notifications during this test.

WHEN? This test will be conducted on Thursday, February 28, at 12:05 p.m.

WHERE? This test will occur college-wide in all buildings.

HOW? All exterior doors will be automatically locked at 12:05 p.m., and a verbal notification on the fire alarm public address system will sound at approximately 12:06 p.m. The message will be: “Attention … Attention. This is a drill. Intruder lockdown at Richland College, this is an intruder lockdown. This is the College’s Emergency Alert System. Go to the nearest room and lock down. I repeat, this is an intruder lockdown at Richland College.” An additional announcement will be made on the telephone override system on all campus telephones.

HOW LONG? This notification will repeat for approximately 5 minutes. At approximately 12:10 p.m., the “All Clear” notifications will be given, and exterior doors will be automatically unlocked. If you need to exit your building during the test, you can push the red “Exit” button to unlock the door.

WHO? The test will be conducted by the Richland College Crisis Management Strategic Planning Team, College Police, Facilities Services, and College Emergency Response Team volunteers.

WHO ELSE? During the test, all employees need to help assess the effectiveness of the emergency public address notifications in their respective classrooms or work areas. • Was the notification loud enough? • Could you clearly understand the words? • Did the notifications provide useful instructions?

THEN WHAT? Shortly after the test, an online survey will be sent to all employees to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the lockdown process. Thank you for your cooperation in completing the survey.

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T-Ducks In A Row #132 – New RLC Email Group Use Process

WHAT?  Beginning Tuesday, September 4, 2018, Richland College will implement a moderation process in the use of RLC email.  Due to FERPA requirements, privacy laws, and privacy policies and consistent with our Network sister colleges, Richland College will limit the Richland employees who are authorized to use the RLC email group for official business only.

WHY?  Sensitive information released in emails is not always appropriate for RLC college-wide dissemination and places the college at risk of violating FERPA and privacy requirements.

WHO?  Permission to send RLC emails about official college business will be granted to specific individuals in the following areas:

  • College Communications, Marketing & Outreach (CCMO)
  • College Police
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • RLC Rooms
  • ThunderTeam
  • ThunderWater Organizational Learning Institute

HOW?  Emails sent to RLC will be moderated in accordance with the new process in which unauthorized RLC emails will be routed to a moderator who will work with the sender to find other more effective methods to disseminate the information to the intended audience.

HOW ELSE?  Those other more effective ways to promote news and events that will be suggested are:

  • Establish a sub email group:  IT can assist you in creating a sub-email group to be used for official business targeted to specific academic schools, disciplines, workgroups, and employee associations.
  • For internal audiences:  Use the ThunderBridge Submission Form to reach college employees via MyPortal posts and the weekly email to the college.  Submit here: If you wish to send a non-college, information-related email to employees, email  If  you would like to join the 8Underground email list, contact IT at 
  • For external audiences:  Use the Publicity Request Form to request publicity on Richland College’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites, digital marquees, campus flat-screen panels, the online events calendar, and more.  Submit here: 
  • If there is an emergency on campus, please call College Police at 911 from any office phone or 972-860-4290 from a cell phone.

WHAT ELSE?   A newly designed, colorful ThunderBridge, the Richland employee newsletter, will launch on Thursday, September 6, at and continue to publish each Thursday as the weekly college-wide information outlet.  CCMO also continuously posts information such as employee and student success news, and even new employee photos, in the Richland College News Section of MyPortal.

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T-Ducks in a Row #131 – Rise Up, RICHLAND! Student Engagement Employee Appreciation Program

WHAT? The Rise Up, RICHLAND! Student Engagement Employee Appreciation Program provides opportunities to acknowledge observed ThunderValues in real action supporting student success.

WHEN? Each Richland College employee will receive a Rise Up, RICHLAND! lanyard and Rise Up, RICHLAND! starter button on Monday, April 9, the first day of the 2018 Employee Appreciation Week, April 9 – April 13.

HOW? The College Communications, Marketing, and Outreach (CCMO) Thundercart will deliver lanyards, buttons, coffee, and cookies to celebrate all Richland College employees.

WHERE? The CCMO Thundercart will personally visit every work group location on campus for the distribution.

WHY? Our ThunderValues are central to our Richland College culture, and just as we honor exceptional achievements in student success and student engagement during our annual Student Wall of Honor and Student Engagement Awards celebrations, we also want to honor day-to-day employee achievements and successes as you Rise Up, RICHLAND! to assist, support, and engage our students. .

HOW ELSE? Wear your lanyard, and collect the array of individually designed Rise Up, RICHLAND! buttons from supervisors when you Rise Up! and demonstrate what it means to be a dedicated ThunderDuck helping students! Employee IDs and copier cards can also be carried in the plastic sleeve of your lanyard.

WHAT ELSE? Thank you for all you do every day for our students.

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T-Ducks in a Row #130 – Hurricane Harvey Relief Project – RCHS Service Learning Project

WHAT? Rise up, Richland! Richland Collegiate High School Service Learning students are organizing a year-long Hurricane Harvey relief project first by sponsoring a Drive-by Drop-off to collect cleaning supplies to be delivered to Mont Belvieu, Texas.

WHO? The 5,000 residents of Mont Belvieu, a small town situated northeast of Houston, are suffering from the aftermath of the devastation of 61 inches of rain caused by Hurricane Harvey.

WHO ELSE? RCHS Service Learning students in 23 AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) classes have pledged to reach out and help this small community in a long-term commitment to see the Mont Belvieu residents through the extended recovery process.

HOW? The first step in the project is to collect cleaning supplies to aid in the massive clean-up efforts as the flood waters recede.

WHEN? This Mont Belvieu Drive-by Drop-off is scheduled on Friday, September 8, from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

WHERE? The two collection sites that RCHS student volunteers will staff are the Sabine Hall West Circle Drive and the East Circle Drive near Lavaca Hall.

WHAT ELSE? The following cleaning supplies will be collected: buckets; heavy duty cleaners–bleach/disinfectants; dish soap; laundry detergent; hand sanitizer; hand soap; insect repellent; scrub brushes; sponges; cleaning cloths and towels; heavy duty trash bags; paper towels; protective masks; disposable gloves; work gloves; and clotheslines and clothespins.

HOW ELSE? The donated items will be transported to Mont Belvieu this Saturday for distribution to residents.

WHEN ELSE? In November, RCHS Service Learning students will collect food items, and in December, they will collect warm clothing. Announcements will be made then concerning collection times.

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T-Ducks in a Row #129 – New Shredding Service and Procedure

WHAT? The Iron Mountain shredding service is being replaced by Data Shredding Services.

WHEN? The transition is effective immediately, and the Iron Mountain bins are being replaced with Data Shredding Services bins

WHAT ELSE? There are now only two bin size options available, 65-gallon or 95-gallon. The security console size is no longer available.

HOW? The previous process remains the same. If a shredding bin is close to being full, input a SchoolDude work order to have it exchanged for an empty bin.

HOW NOW? Unlike the previous procedure, Data Shredding Services employees will not be out and about on campus moving shredding bins when they are full.

WHO? All full bins will now be exchanged and moved by Richland College custodial services staff.

WHERE? The bins will be moved to a secure building within the fenced-in area in the Pecos yard. A Data Shredding Services truck will come to that location on a two-week rotation basis and shred all the discarded materials on site under the watch of a security camera.

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T-Ducks in a Row #128 – Replacement of Copier/Printers in College Offices

WHAT? New copier/printers are scheduled to be installed to replace all old machines.

WHY? The replacement of these machines is a result of a new District lease agreement contract with Konica Minolta, an auxiliary service provider, approved by the DCCCD Board of Trustees to provide printer/copier services at all DCCCD colleges.

HOW? Each installation will take approximately 30 to 40 minutes, and no office staff will need to be present during the installation as Police, IT, and Facilities Services staff will be present for security purposes. There may instances when there will be two machines (old one and new one) in the same area during this transition. Pickup of old machines for the Saturday installations will not occur until Tuesday, August 15. To prepare for the pickup of the old machines, departments are asked please to leave toner cartridges in their boxes next to the old equipment. Konica Minolta will also pick up the toner cartridges.

WHERE/WHEN? Installations at Richland College will begin on Saturday, August 12, in the following areas:
·School of Business
·College Communications, Marketing & Outreach
·School of Learning Enrichment & Academic Development
·Office of Student Life
·Lakeside Resource Center
·Career Services
·Facilities Services
·School of Mathematics, Science & Health Professions
·Library (delivery only)

Installations will continue throughout the college on Tuesday, August 15, and Wednesday, August 16.

WHEN ELSE? Due to fall registration, installations in Thunderduck Hall locations are scheduled for August 21 through August 25.

HOW ELSE? During this transition period, if you experience any copier/printer problems or have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Tyrone Hollins, x6276, or Barbara Thomas, x6342 in the Business Services office, T140. Business Services staff will work to ensure your needs are met during this transition.

WHAT ELSE? Future updates about training, additional features, and services will be announced soon.

T-Ducks in a Row #127 – Richland College Authorized Concealed Carry Exclusion Zones

WHAT? There are permanent and temporary concealed carry exclusion zones permitted by the state law enacting that licensed concealed carry holders can carry concealed handguns onto the campuses of all public Texas community colleges, including all Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) colleges.

WHO? The DCCCD concealed carry policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, guests, visitors, and individuals and organizations who do business with or on behalf of the DCCCD or its property.

WHEN? The law takes effect on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.


  • Athletic Fields
    • Baseball Field
    • Fenced-In Soccer Fields #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18
  • Crockett Hall
    • Richland Collegiate High School Office Suite
    • High School Dual Credit Office Suite
  • El Paso Hall
    • Lakeside Resource Center
  • Fannin Hall
    • Theater Scene Shop
    • Art Studios F175, F177, F179, F187
  • Guadalupe Hall
    • Entire Building
  • Pecos Hall
    • Police Office Suite
    • Facilities Services Yard
    • Chiller and Boiler Plants
  • Sabine Hall
    • Science Labs and Prep Areas
  • Thunderduck Hall
    • Health Center
  • Wichita Hall
    • Advanced Manufacturing Lab
    • Hydraulic Lab
    • Allied Health Sciences Labs
  • All DCCCD-Owned Vehicles

WHERE ARE TEMPORARY EXCLUSION ZONES AT RICHLAND COLLEGE? Temporary exclusion zones can only be authorized on a situational, as-needed basis.

  • Alamito Hall
    • Administrative Suite – Disciplinary Hearing Rooms
  • Fannin Hall
    • Specific Events Involving Minors
  • Garland Campus
    • Atrium – Election Polling Places
  • Hondo Hall
    • Human Resources – Disciplinary Hearing Rooms
  • Kiowa Hall
    • Richland Collegiate High School-Specific Events

WHAT ELSE? Any internal or external activities or events scheduled on campus requiring establishment of a temporary concealed carry exclusion zone must be submitted in writing two full business days in advance of the event. Written requests must be submitted, using the attached Concealed Carry Temporary Exclusion Form, to Bethany Wright, Richland College room coordinator, A200, and approved by the division supervisor, Facilities Services director, college president designee, and DCCCD Police commander.

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