T-Ducks in a Row #140 – ThunderValues in Quarantine Quotes Requested

WHAT?  As we face the ongoing challenges of teaching, learning, and working at a distance apart from our treasured Thunderduck colleagues, our community building and ThunderValues have become more essential than ever with each other and our students. Integrity; Mutual Trust; Wholeness; Fairness; Considerate, Meaningful Communications; Mindfulness; Cooperation; Diversity; Responsible Risk-Taking; and Joy.

WHERE? Working online at a distance does not allow us to post ThunderValues in Action pop-ups on remote computer screens like we can on campus, so we are moving them to the ThunderBridge, our employee newsletter published online each Thursday.

WHY?  This temporary ThunderValues in Quarantine feature is designed to promote community building until we are back together again in our campus community.

WHO?  This is where we need you! Please submit a ThunderValue in Action quote about a ThunderValue that has become even more meaningful to you as we teach/learn/work at a distance from our Thunderduck community. Even if you have provided a quote in the past, please feel free to submit another quote.

WHERE ELSE? You can review the Richland College ThunderValues at Thundervalues

TO WHOM?   Please submit your ThunderValue in Action quote to Janet James by simply replying to this message or you may submit your quote through the link published each week in the ThunderBridge.

WHAT ELSE?  Along with your quote, please feel free to submit a fun selfie photo of you teaching, learning, or working from your home away from your Richland home or we can post your employee photo with your quote.

WHEN?  Please send a quote as soon as the Thunderduck spirit moves you! A new quote will be featured each week.

WHAT NOW?  Stay home, stay well, stay safe!