T-DR is a new periodic topical e-mail briefing on budget/planning-related happenings, triggered in part by dramatic state reimbursement revenue cutbacks for FY2003 and FY2004.

Who is ThunderTeam (TT)? short-hand for RLC vice presidents and president (senior leadership team)

WHO #2?
Who will receive this briefing? RLC

To help all RLC keep abreast of multiple organizational changes rippling from these planning/budgetary shifts

If briefing is not enough, how do we get more?

  1. Contact your supervisor (if s/he doesn’t know, s/he will find out, thereby becoming more knowledgeable as well) (things are moving so fast, it’s difficult for everyone to know as much as they’d like simultaneously)
  2. Click on any imbedded blue hotlinks for linked detail/context

Please do not reply to RLC, engaging everyone potentially in numerous, voluminous cross-fire exchanges. (It’s important that all of us remain calm and focused on our primary student learning responsibilities in the midst of this turbulence– reinforcing roles of supervisors to continue to lead teams systematically and effectively within our organizational framework.

As frequently as needed (and as we can take time to compose these TDR briefings), once we feel information is reliably stable for an immediate period of time (no guarantees!), publishing one topic at a time. Probably “front-end loaded,” as there are a number of topics pending right now.

Examples of upcoming topics:

  • ThunderTeam shifts for generating new revenue sources and helping faculty expand learning outcomes assessments
  • Testing Center changes
  • B-TEC changes
  • Multimedia program changes
  • Upcoming renovations
  • RLC’s upcoming FY2004 budget allocation
  • KPI monthly updates
  • Changes in ESOL/AECI programs
  • Changes in other programs, services, and processes
  • PIIP (What? Stay tuned.)

As you have potential topics you believe warrant a “T-Ducks in a Row” (TDR) briefing, forward them to Janet James, TDR editor

ASAP (this week?), we’ll start archiving TDRs on our Intranet website, so you can check back easily, as needed, on any of these topics

“Since these are such serious issues, why would ‘T-Ducks in a Row’ have been chosen to title these briefings?” “Isn’t that a bit cute for something so serious?” TT, ever mindful of our college value “joy” (“take our work seriously and ourselves lightly”), is trying to stay “lightened up” and invites you to do the same, even in the context of its pathetic attempts a humor!

Doesn’t ROW also connote ‘noisy quarrel’? Clever question (or point?)! Don’t you just love the English language (and aren’t you sympathetic with our ESOL students?) “Row” has three homonymic forms, one of which is more precisely homographic–the one to which you refer. TT wants us to avoid the ironic homographic meaning of this word (“to quarrel”). The other two homonymic meanings of the word are right on target: alignment (noun); propel in a chosen direction (verb).

WHY #4?
Doesn’t “in a row” imply a certain rigidity of approach, antithetical to Thunderduck culture? TT, in addition to trying to to be clever, calls on us all to stay focused and aligned on our mission* and vision*, in the context of our constant values*, without losing any of our creativity* and local empowerment*.

(TT has been observing [after hours, of course] our latest brood of T-Ducklings on T-Duck Lake, noticing that their focus and alignment is anything but rigid. They seem to be enjoying the aligned journey to their destination [including wonderfully creative side trips on water, land, and the air, when mature enough to fly.])

Let’s continue to enjoy the opportunities provided by today’s challenging T-Duck journey!