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E-Book About College Readiness Available to Prepare Students for the College Application Process

Going to college can be challenging, but Richland College TRIO Upward Bound program director Noeli Biggs and project leader Nazia Hossain think applying for college shouldn’t be. To help students with the process of college applications, Biggs and Hossain wrote an e-book, “College Readiness,” which is now published online in eCampus. This e-book is designed as a resource for students and their parents who are looking to apply to two- or four-year colleges or universities in the U.S. or study abroad.

“I always wanted to have all my college planning experience in one book,” said Biggs. “Then, working with first-generation and/or low-income students, I realized that they didn’t know where to get the information.”

Hossain added, “This book is important because the number one reason Americans do not enroll in college is because of not knowing how. We work with first-generation and/or low-income high school students¾many whose parents have had no college experience. This book fills in the missing gaps.”

Biggs and Hossain worked together to combine their several years’ college planning experience and create “College Readiness.” This e-book is “a one-stop spot for students and parents to learn about the college process,” explained Hossain. It contains information on college applications, tips for writing essays, exam comparisons of SAT and ACT, scholarship directories, phone applications, finances and more.

In the future, Biggs and Hossain plan to have the e-book translated into Spanish and hope to add additional chapters on topics such as housing and meal plans, selecting a roommate and what to expect in the first year of college.

“College Readiness” is available online for free to all Richland TRIO program students in eConnect. To view it, log in to, and the e-book is available in Thunderduck Commons.