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Richland College Offers Flexible Enrollment Options for Students

Students studying in Sabine Hall.Richland College is once again offering flex entry enrollment for the fall 2014 semester, a program that allows students to register for classes at any point during the semester as long as the class has not yet started.

Flex entry enrollment gives students the option to enroll in classes if they miss regular semester registration deadlines, and it also gives them the option to take classes that last fewer weeks than the traditional 16-week semester.

“Richland College’s flex entry enrollment offers alternative options to students who can’t enroll in or attend traditional semester-long classes for one reason or another,” said Cindy Berry, Richland College director of academic advising and career educational placement. “Flex entry enrollment lends itself to some students being more successful with classes that last fewer weeks but more hours per day and that have different enrollment deadlines.”

Any class that begins after the first two days of the semester is eligible for flex entry enrollment. For a list of classes available with flex entry enrollment, click here.

Students wanting more information about flex entry enrollment should click here or contact Richland College’s Academic Advising at 972-238-3767.