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Richland College Designated as 2015 STEM Jobs Approved College

STEM-related iconsRichland College has been recognized as a 2015 STEM Jobs Approved College by Victory Media for its innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs and center.

Richland College is included on the 2015 STEM Jobs Approved College list for its STEM job alignment, STEM job placement and the diversity of its STEM programs.

Richland College’s STEM Center prepares students for work in a competitive science- and technology-based economy and establishes well-defined student career pathways. It provides support and guidance to students pursuing STEM careers, with a special emphasis on women and historically underserved populations with fewer resources. STEM advisors provide recruitment of and focus on new-to-college students who indicate a desire to pursue STEM careers. Using this advising process, students identify and follow clear, direct career pathways with multiple points of advisor contact, mentoring and scholarship opportunities.

“Being a STEM Jobs Approved College shows that Richland College is committed to providing a quality, relevant education to our STEM students that will translate into excellent career prospects,” said Martha Hogan, Richland College’s executive dean of the School of Engineering, Business and Technology. “Our STEM advisors ensure our students have a clear path of study, leading to job opportunities and seamless transfers to four-year institutions. This helps steer our students to success in their chosen STEM fields.”

Richland College was recently chosen to participate in the White House College Opportunity Day of Action, during which President Obama, the First Lady and Vice President Biden announced new actions to help more students prepare for and graduate from college. Richland College committed to expanding its STEM Center to reach more than 4,000 students during the next three to five years with proven programs to increase STEM success.