Richland Collegiate High School Principal Receives T.A.S.R.O. Administrator of the Year Award

Richland Collegiate High School (RCHS) principal Craig Hinkle recently received the Texas Association of School Resource Officers (TASRO) 2017 Administrator of the Year Award. This prestigious award is designed to honor administrators who have gone the extra mile to make sure their staff and students are safe and thriving.

Hinkle has served as principal since 2015, where he works with staff to address teaching and learning needs of teachers and students and makes himself available for the RCHS Student Resource Officers (SRO), students, staff and faculty.

“I am humbled and honored to be selected for the award, but the reality is that Corporal Vincent Brooks, our SRO, is deserving of the award,” said Hinkle. “Without his hard work on a daily basis in developing relationships with our students this would not have been possible.  He goes above and beyond to make sure our kids are taken care of and are safe and secure.”

Hinkle has worked with high school students for more than 20 years. He started his career in 1996 as a high school teacher in Brownwood, Tex. In 2012, he graduated with his master’s degree in Education Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington. He has been working with RCHS since he was hired as an assistant principal in 2013. Later, he received the 2016 DCCCD Administrator of the Year Award for his excellent service to RCHS.

As RCHS principal, Hinkle increases student engagement by helping to shape students for future growth. He also supports the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) police and the RCHS SRO, and involves the SRO in daily decisions, classroom presentations and keeping the SRO informed of future activities. In addition, he addresses students and staff when safety exercises for the school are conducted, and assists with First 5 Minutes safety training for campus personnel.

The Texas Association of School Resource Officers is a nonprofit corporation for school-based law enforcement officers, school administrators and school safety/security personnel. It was created for the advancement of education and charity; to provide a means to disseminate, share, advise and coordinate information on the value of qualified law enforcement officers to teach elementary through senior high school students the principles of good citizenship and community responsibility; and to demonstrate the dangers associated with substance abuse, criminal activities, immoral and unethical behavior and other anti-social behavior.

Richland Collegiate High School is a school designed to provide a rigorous academic experience for high school juniors and seniors. Students complete their last two years of high school at Richland College by taking college courses and earning college credits. These students can potentially graduate simultaneously with both their high school diploma and an associate degree, prepared to transfer to a four-year university. Tuition and books are free, making RCHS an educational and affordable choice.

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