A photograph of the main bridge and Alamito Hall on the Richland campus.

Richland College to Host Building Master Plan 2025 Update for Community Feb. 19

In keeping with its mission of teaching, learning and community building, Richland College will host an information session for local community members and stakeholders to learn about, discuss and provide feedback on the college’s 2025 Master Plan, 4:30-5:30 p.m. Feb. 19 in Sabine Hall, room SH118.

Richland College’s 2025 Master Plan provides a long-range vision for the architectural environment of the campus, while respecting the needs of the surrounding  community it serves. It is being developed with the purpose of understanding current space-utilization conditions to create a roadmap for the future and provide a cohesive framework for future expansion decisions.

The Master Plan priorities include: creating additional classroom and laboratory space to enhance and expand the student learning experience on campus, including additional laboratory space for high growth career technical programs to meet industry labor demands and standards; identifying and creating a location for Early College High School programs; building a STEAM-focused arts and performing arts building to foster an innovative, synergistic and collaborative learning environment among the arts and technical programs; improving parking availability on campus through additional surface lots and structured parking within reasonable walking distance to campus for accessibility; and adding a fourth access point to the campus and a bridge to connect the campus internal vehicular circulation path.

The needs and concerns of surrounding neighborhoods will be considered in the design of this Master Plan. Through its long-standing connections with its surrounding community, Richland College has established relationships and responsibilities that will continue to be recognized and respected. These include the soccer fields, the butterfly preserve, the lake, the tree farm, and neighborhood adjacencies.

Richland College is located at 12800 Abrams Rd.