Richland College Food Pantry Donates More Than One Ton of Food

The Richland College Food Pantry donated more than one ton of food to the North Texas Food Bank in our service area. The 101 boxes of food, totaling 2,902 lbs., were brought to the Network of Community Ministries in Richardson on Apr. 20. 

“Thank you for the tremendous contribution of 2,902 pounds of non-perishable food from Richland College’s Food Pantry to the Network of Community Ministries in Richardson!” said Kay Eggleston, president of Richland College. “Amidst so much uncertainty for so many students and families in our community, this donation, and the assistance of Facilities Staff to make it happen, exemplify our enduring Thunderduck spirit. I am uplifted by knowing that our hearts will always be larger than any challenge we face. Many thanks to all for this tremendous team effort.” 

The food delivered included:  

  • 43 boxes of peanut butter, with 12 jars in each box 
  • 4 bags of white rice 
  • 13 boxes of Cup Noodles 
  • 18 boxes of macaroni and cheese 
  • 4 boxes of peach snacks 
  • 9 boxes of beef soup 
  • 6 boxes of beans cans 
  • 4 boxes of potato flakes 

All seven of the DCCCD colleges are sending their food bank food to other food banks and community partners in the area to help those who are hungry during the COVID-19 crisis. With campuses currently shut down because of the pandemic, and with no students around to patronize the food banks, the decision was made to clear the shelves and help the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth community.  

Thanks to the Facilities Services colleagues who helped move the boxes of food and all the Thunderducks who have donated food to the Richland Food Pantry!