Speed Metal

Speed Metal

Project Dev Class
Team 4Play
Summer 2013 & Fall 2013

Email Producer

Speed Metal is a 4 player Hack & Slash where a super successful band of rock stars party all the time and their manager hates them. They are trying to write a new album but need inspiration so manager gets them a time machine and sends them back into time.

The twist is the real reason the manager wants them to go back into time is because he is hoping they will get lost in the space time continuum, never come back and he can keep all their money.

As the band travels through time they realize there are 4 power pieces in the time machine which get lost in different areas. The areas are prehistoric, mid evil, pirate and ultimately the final zone. Once all pieces are collected they can set the time machine to get them back to the present where they have one last concert / showdown with the manager and their replacement band!