Scott Sengbush

Game Producer

PoW: Game Circus

Position: Game Producer




What’s your current title and what do you do? 

I am an associate producer at Game Circus. I begin on December 8th, 2017. I will help the team by organizing all off the game scheduling and task management to complete mobile game projects.


Can you give me a brief overview of the places you have worked professionally and what you did for them?

I worked as a Fitness Manager and Master Trainer for 24 Hour Fitness for 10 years prior to attending Richland. I was responsible for meeting budget goals for the fitness department, scheduling and trainings other trainers how to improve their business. I created strategies for my trainers to improve their sales skills and implemented leadership abilities to encourage teams.


What made you choose a career path as a 3D Artist? 

After working in the health and fitness industry for such a long time, I noticed I wasn’t coming home feeling fulfilled.  I wanted to be involved with something more creative and fun. I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember so I decided to pursue a career in gaming. I took a 3d animation class in the Summer and fell in love with it instantly. My experience in movement science was a tremendous help in the transition to animating bipedal characters.


How has your experience at Richland College and how did it contribute to your success? 

Richland allowed me to explore a lot of avenues of game design. I started interested in programming and level design. Decided it wasn’t for me.  Then I tried modeling and story boarding, but eventually stuck with 3D animation.  Working into a project development class I was able to use my prior management experience on Fowl Magic and it remains a strong portfolio piece.


What advice would you give to new students wanting to get into your area of work?

Find out what you want to do and stick with it. Don’t get distracted by too many projects or skills. Pick one thing and master it. Also, treat your project development class like a studio job. If you practice how you play you can create some great games in a short time.


Are you working on any personal projects or passion projects?

I am animating on Solar Purge at the moment and plan on making a solo project on my weekends.


If you had a dream scenario or company you’d like to work at, for what or where would it be?

I would like to own my own studio in 10 years. Also being able to animate for The Last of Us 2 would be a dream, or something related to DC or Marvel movies as well.


Thanks again Scott, we really appreciate your time!