Michael Haggerty

3D Artist







PoW: GameTextures.com
Position: Texture Artist
Skillset: Substance Artist and 3D modeler


Contact: Tribus7186@gmail.com
Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/artist/furioustribble

What’s your current title and what do you do?
I am a Texture Artist at GameTextures.com, I also man the support line so you can expect to talk to me if you have any problems!


Can you give me a brief overview of the places you have worked professionally and what you did for them?
In the game industry this is my first job, I am also currently starting my own game studio called Tiny Giant Robots which should be a bunch of fun. More admin and less art on that end unfortunately.


What made you choose a career path in Substance Texture Creation?
Happenstance really, I started out strongly in the 3D modeling and my teacher and mentor Arvin Moses showed me Substance Designer and I have yet to look back.


How was your experience at Richland College and how did it contribute to your success?
The learning atmosphere is more that of a trade school where you are going to assemble the required skills to pursue your dreams and less on the academic side, it feels. All of our teachers are industry professionals who have actually worked in their fields and it definitely shows.


What advice would you give to new students wanting to get into 3D modeling and Texturing?
Don’t be afraid to trash something and start over. Iteration is the true path to success and you are going to make a bunch of trash before you make something amazing so dont let it get you down!


Are you working on a personal work or passion projects?
I am starting my own game studio but aside from my GameTextures work, personal work has been lax of late due to time constraints.


If you had a dream scenario or company you’d like to work for what or where would it be?
I want my studio to take off so that we can have the capital we need to pursue our dream projects without a care in the world.


Thanks again Mike we really appreciate your time!
No problem at all! Thanks to Richland for helping me get to where I am today.