Matthew O. Lane

Quality Assurance Tester

Id Software
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 As the gaming industry matured and evolved, he began to consider the possibility of a career in the gaming industry.

His particular interest is in story design/development and level design. Matthew feels that a lot of people underestimate the challenges and complexities of video game design and development. As a writer, he views the story as the “skeleton” of the game – it is the base upon which everything else will be built.  Matthew’s immediate goal is to continue employment in the video game industry and continue to build his skills and experience. Matthew’s long term goal is to become a producer in the video game industry  -and  – with luck and persistence eventually open his own studio.

At present, Matthew is employed with ID Software performing Quality Assurance on games currently under development.  It has been an opportunity that has provided him with some needed experience and professional growth.

Matthew chose Richland College because they offered the courses and programs that would allow him to pursue his goal of a career in the video gaming industry. Video Game Design and Development industry is  a competitive field; the education and experience he received at Richland College will help him to succeed in his chosen field of employment and career goals.