Kevin Boykin

3D Artist
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Hailing from Garland, TX, Kevin’s love for video games began as soon as he could hold a controller. Growing up with ADD, he says, “It was always something [he] could easily grasp.” Playing classic games such as “The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past”, “Super Mario World” & “Secret of Mana” found on the Super Nintendo.

After 2 years of college, and several majors later, he stumbled into Richland’s Interactive Simulation and Game Technology Department. Never having taken an art class before, Kevin was surprised to find his niche in Character Sculpting, although that didn’t stop him from learning how to code in C# Unity as well as becoming a valuable asset in our Level Design teams.

Kevin is also known for being a project leader for three of the featured games, “The Estate”, “Celly”, and “Night on the Express”, which can be found on our website.

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