Jimmy Delaney


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Jimmy’s love of video games begin as a child, when he played the SNES with his brothers. He continued to play video games throughout his life, and went to the University of Texas in Austin where he got a Management Information Systems degree. Upon graduation, he decided he wanted to try video games as a career choice. Jimmy went back to Richland and signed up for the game programming track.

At Richland, Jimmy got experience with UDK and Unity game engines, learned c#, javascript, c++, flash, actionscript, java, photoshop, and objective c. In his project development classes, he worked on a Starfox clone and The Estate in UDK, and Urban Zombie in Unity. Upon graduation, he landed a job at Soap Creative, where he makes mobile games and apps. Jimmy has recently been participating in Ludum Dare Game Jams, and was the head programmer for Celly, and a Night on the Express.