Ethan Compton

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Interactive Producer
Reel FX

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Ethan had a love for video games that started when he was a young lad, playing on the brand new Atari 5200. After countless consoles and PC titles played, he started at Richland College in 1993 not really knowing what he wanted to be when he grew up.

After being in and out of school for 3 years, he decided to start taking transferable courses at Richland to get to UNT. After graduating from UNT with a BBA in Marketing, he bounced around the web industry for a while and in 2006 decided The Guildhall at SMU was his path to the video game industry. After completing his Master’s work in 2010, he started teaching Project Development and Game Simulation for the Richland Gaming Program.

“I’ve always sought out opportunities to create. From building impossible contraptions with LEGOs as a kid to my first taste of game development making DOOM WADs, taking something from an idea and turning it into something that people can use and enjoy fuels me. While I do enjoy getting into a level editor and creating the actual playspace, I have to say being the leader of a development team takes better advantage of my skill set. I am an activator, a planner and a motivator, and I love guiding and working with teams to create the best user experience. That has lead me to the Producer role.”