Eduardo Velasquez

Image Finaling Artist

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What’s your current title and what do you do?
I am a lighting and compositing artist, and currently I do freelance.

Can you give me a brief overview of the places you have worked professionally and what you did for them?
Of course, so my first professional work would be Reel FX. There I was a lighting and compositing artist, where I lit characters and environments and composited them all together for an animated film that will be released in China later on. After that I was hired at DreamWorks Animation as an Image Finaling Artist. There I fixed rendering issues, like fur buzzing, environment texture popping and stereo (3D) fixes through compositing for Kung Fu Panda 3.

What made you choose a career path in VFX Lighting and Compositing?
Throughout my college career, when I was learning about the animation process, lighting and compositing is where it all came together. By lighting and seeing the final beauty shot finished and polished is what really made me choose lighting and compositing.

How was your experience at Richland College and how did it contribute to your success?
I had great time at Richland College. It’s where I learned animation, and it made me a stronger artist when I transferred to UTD. I was more prepared than most students and was able to improve on my art.

What advice would you give to new students wanting to get into VFX Lighting and Compositing?
For lighting, you must know how light works. It can be lighting either from the sun, or a lamp, computer monitor etc. Also the way it bounces off of walls and different types of materials. Lighting also drives the mood of the story, so learning about color theory is a major key. For compositing it is the creative process of putting the assets together and there is various ways to do it and software. You must have a passion and devotion for this industry. It is a very competitive field out there, so be ready to work hard and to take criticism on your work.

Are you working on a personal work or passion projects?
I’m always working on personal projects/work. As an artist I’m always creating art to improve myself. Whether it is a new technique, new software, or another skill like modeling or texturing,
so I can span my art set and to achieve a certain project. In most cases I don’t succeed in what I wanted to achieve, but I learned from this and know how to approach the next project.

If you had a dream scenario or company you’d like to work for what or where would it be?
Working at DreamWorks and seeing my name on the big screen was a dream of mine since I started school. Achieving that, I want to be someone better; my next dream is to be an Art Director. I want people to be impressed with my art and visuals that I created and that alone makes me really happy. I would like to do this either at Pixar or DreamWorks, my two favorite studios.

Thanks again Eduardo we really appreciate your time!
Anytime. It was my pleasure.