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Arvin, thanks again for taking time for this interview. I know your busy.
Sure no problem.

Can you tell us a little bit what you do and what got you there?
Well I do a lot of different little things now. I teach modeling and texturing for video games here at Richland. Been doing that for about 4 years now and have been able to meet some incredibly talented students. I work at which is an incredibly fun and rewarding place to work. I do several different things there from creating tileable textures, to building pipeline tools, to some customer support, to creating demo scenes and tutorials. We have a really cool company structure which allows us to do a few different things depending on what we’re needing and pushing for at the time. Aside from that I have some freelance 3D and video work that I do from time to time.

What made you want to develop Beneath and can you tell us a little about the game?
I’d been wanting to develop a game since my early 20’s. I worked on different projects off and on for several years. About 2 years ago I got together with some former students to try to put something together. It started of very complex. It was a 3D game with some open world qualities. Slowly we whittled it down to a simple side scrolling game with a simple portal mechanic. I think simplicity is really important in game design, and in many ways it’s very similar to teaching. You give the user some skill or knowledge, and help him or her extrapolate as much use of this skill as possible.

Can you tell us where the game is at in development and when you plan to release?
Currently we’re finishing up our demo and looking for funding then. Release will depend on when we can get funding.

What makes Beneath unique and fun?
Well it isn’t fun at the moment. LOL. That’s what we’re currently working on. Much of the fun factor of Beneath will rely on cleverly constructed puzzles and the satisfaction players get from discovering a new and clever way to use the portal mechanic

Which platforms are you developing for?
We’re going for PC and seeing where we go from there.

What are the goals for this release and are there plans for after?
On this one we are taking it one goal at a time. We want to create a demo and see where that leads.

How have you and the project benefited from working at Richland College?
The project team – Matt Leslie, Derran Viss, Zoey Christianson, Kevin Boykin, and Micah Strube are all former Richland students. They’ve gone through a great program and have a good idea on what it takes to produce and develop a game.

What advice would you give to indie game developers?
Hahaha! I don’t think I’m qualified to give any of this yet. Ask me again when our game gets published.

Thanks again we really appreciate your time!
No problem, glad to help. Now Anwar owes me lunch.