Axon Punk Overdrive


Axon Punk: Overdrive, (twitter @axonpunk, combines hip hop and classic cyberpunk to synthesize a table-top RPG where players improvise, collaborate, and develop a community together to oppose corporate oppression in the gritty megacities of 2085.

Axon Punk is made in conjunction with the Sugar Gamers ( have been featured at gaming conventions around the USA and Canada and has been tested in 8 other countries. We will be featured for the third year in a row at GenCon(


They released their quick-start packet for free, feel free to check it out. (–Quickstart-Packet)


They also was on oneshotpodcast,


Cameron Kyle – Art Director and Designer

“Currently living in Dallas, Texas, Cameron earned a BFA in photography and multimedia from the University of Texas at Arlington. He currently works for Richland college in their video game development dept. as well as an animator for Solar Purge ( ). He has been an RPG gamer since he was 10 when purchased a D&D “red box” and taught brother, Colin, so they could play togeather. When not working on art or games, Cameron likes to play guitar, plays a wide range of video and tabletop games, and plays with his dog, who is a corgi mix named after the Deep Space Nine character Jadzia Dax.”


 Colin Kyle – Lead Writer and Designer
“Currently living in Hyde Park, Chicago, Colin earned a PhD in ecological modeling with a focus on epidemiology and climate change from the University of Chicago. He has been a RPG gamer since his brother, Cameron, taught him how to play Basic D&D at age 8. When not writing and reading sci-fi, Colin listens to music, plays a wide range of tabletop games, and spoils his pet rabbit, who is named after the astronomer Annie Jump Cannon.”


Matt leslie –  Technical Director and Artist/Photo Editor
“A Dallas native, Matt earned his BA in Arts and Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas and a general Associates of Science from Richland College (DCCCD). He is a video game and app developer by trade focusing on high-level concepts such as technical writing, C# .Net, and tool building for production pipelines while also being an Unreal Engine Specialist. He started playing table-top games when he was a young adult, experiencing titles such as Pathfinder, D&D 3.5e, and Vampire the Mascarade. Matt brings his expertise in procedural generation techniques to the AxonPunk team as well as his artistic vision in the glitch aesthetic. When Matt isn’t making games, he spends his free time catching up on the latest HBO titles and showcasing his procedural visual systems at the Dallas Ambient Music Nights. He has two dogs and two cats named Lucy (dog), Parker (dog), Sterling (cat), and Franklin (cat).”