Unearthing: Photograph by Marcy Palmer

Brazos Gallery and the Richland College Photography Department are proud to present Unearthing SeriesA unique show of photographs based on Marcy’s life experiences. Unearthing opens on Monday May 14th through Friday June 22nd, 2018

Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 – 4:00

Marcy Palmer – Artist Statement, “Unearthing Series”

The photographs in this series are about the space between the imagined and real.  There is reference to constellation, a need for a controlled environment within a chaotic one, and a constructed world with natural elements.  These works are filled with a tension between frustration and control, and wonder and delight.  Through these images, I could express my new and emotional journey of parenthood.  Although the objects used in these images are not directly related to childhood/parenthood, the emotions evoked are.  My experience as a parent to a young child lends itself to this tension, but the images relate to something larger than my own experience.

The images are made by drawing and painting on a paper backdrop, shining light through holes in the backdrop, hanging wire, string, branches, and other elements to create shapes and lines in the compositions, which I often interact with.  A slow shutter speed is used when capturing the images to show a sense of movement in many of them.