Thor Johnson: Thorrific!

SummerFlowerMandalas4Thor Johnson: Thorrific
Oct 21 – Nov 25, 2009
Opening Reception: 12-1 pm, Oct 21, 2009
Thor will give a performance at the opening reception.
Lago Vista Gallery (Library)

Richland College Galleries presents “Thor Johnson: Thorrific!” Johnson’s latest works showcase disparate styles that speak of a personal investigation and propose dualism within an artist’s work. The artists work points towards our modern connectivity as altering the individual and cultural world view. The individual experience is now myriad with inundation from multiple sources and Johnson, rather than shying away from this expansion, embraces it. The work covers topics of spiritual symbology, excess and greed in the 80’s, popular culture satire, and interactive abstract videos developed from a layering of computer based processes. His exhibit creates an authentic, complex personality filled with energy, obsession, flaws, and perseverance. The process stands as a counterpoint to the focused investigations of most contemporary artists.