The Passing by Elizabeth A. Holden and Sarina Fuhrmann

Elizabeth A. Holden, Passing, Charcoal & Collage on Paper

A letter to my Dad

Memories of a time shared long ago; a promise of lasting moments gone in an instant.  Left behind a body trembling and fragile; a mind erased. Forgiveness for a troubled past came in an unexpected moment of grief.  I remember looking into your eyes and wondering if you knew who I was. The man I knew who was strong and loud, fell silent and weak.  Time was betrayed.  I saw Alzheimer’s ravage your mind and a stroke break your body. I remember your voice fading and your gaze wandering. You tried to stand but fell.  My tears fell without solace.

Forgiveness and sorrow are now entwined.

I was your daughter and you were my Dad; I held your hand.  Until we meet again.



Sarina Fuhrman, Lingering, Graphite on Paper                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sarina Fuhrmann’s Artist Statement
Time and change go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. As time passes, things change. Time is ever elusive, yet always foreboding and unavoidable.  There is beauty and mystery not only in life but also in passing. Time takes all, all cannot escape time.

Elizabeth A Holden, Lasting, Charcoal on paper




Elizabeth A. Holden, 30 October 2020, Charcoal, graphite & college on paper

Elizabeth A. Holden, Longing, Graphite & collage on paper.





Sarina, Fuhrmann, After, Dry point on paper

Sarina Fuhrmann, Relinquish, Graphite on paper





Sarina Fuhrmann, Barren, Graphite & printing ink on paper.

Sarina Fuhrmann, Before, Graphite & printed on paper

Sarina Fuhrmann, Rebirth, Graphite & printing ink on paper

Sarina Fuhrmann, Passing, Graphite & printing ink on paper

Elizabeth A. Holden, Love Dad, Graphite & collage on paper

Elizabeth A. Holden, 33.78, Charcoal on paper

Elizabeth A Holden, Succumbing, Charcoal, graphite & collage on paper

Elizabeth A. Holden, Fading, Charcoal & collage on paper

Elizabeth Holden, Until We Meet Again, Charcoal & collage on paper

Sarina Fuhrmann & Elizabeth A. Holden, Sunday Afternoon, Woodcut on paper