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Water: More or Less

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Brazos Gallery, Richland College, Dallas TX
Opening reception: Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010 from 5-7 p.m.

“Water: More or Less” was developed in conjunction with the Art, Science and Sustainable Community Symposium hosted by Richland College. (Sat, Jan. 30, 1-5 pm) The juried exhibition focuses on the role of water and sustainability within the environment.

paul villinski_photo by nash bakerJuror: Paul Villinski

Paul Villinski lives and works in New York City. His inventive use of recycled materials and found objects captivates viewers by revealing the creative potential dormant in the ordinary. Villinksi’s converted Emergency Response Studio (ERS) utilizes green methods of construction to confront topics local responsibility and art within the community.

For images of the HUGELY SUCCESFUL event: http://www.rlc8.dcccd.edu/media/?p=1861


Here is a quick video of the Exhibtion. I apologize for the low quality:

Artworks accepted into the exhibition:

simone riford_watergrid Simone Riford _ Watergrid

shreepad joglekar_Untitled shifting horizons series Shreepad Joglekar _ Unitled (Triptych from Shifting Horizons Series)

nola richards_spring into green Nola Richards _ Spring into Green

Deluge / Schlinke Naomi Schlinke_ Deluge

marla ripperda_blue Buchanan Marla Riperda_ Blue Buchanan #7

liz olson_underwaterseries3 Liz Olson_ Underwater Series #3

kware_waterhorse Kristin Ware _ Water Horse

kware_steppignstones Kristin Ware _ Stepping Stones

kware_sloan lani Kristin Ware _ Sloan and Lani

kware_narrow streams Kristin Ware _  Narrow Streams

kware_diamonds on a dry creek bed Kristin Ware _ Diamonds on Dried Creek Bed

kverdugo_skateKenneth Verdugo_ Skate

kverdugo_choking the earth Kenneth Verdugo_ Choking the Earth

jbuff_reflection of a melting penguin Jill Buffington_ Reflection of a Melting Planet

jbuff_invasion of gentoo penguins Jill Buffington_ Invasion of the Gentoo Penguins

jbuff_antartica melting Jill Buffington_ Antartica Melting

erika pochybova_recycle Erika Pochybova_ Recycle

elaine powlowicz_garedenhose Elain Powlowicz _ Garden Hose

denise davis_in the water2 Denise Stringer Davis _ In the Water 1

denise davis_in the water1 Denise Stringer Davis _ In the Water 2

denise davis_bather reaching Denise Stringer Davis _ Bather Reaching

chris ireland_maid of the mist Chris Ireland _ Maid of the Mist

cathy night_smart waterCathy Night_ Smart Water

Bryan Pettigrew_hygrometer Bryan Pettigrew_ Hygrometer

belinda smith_flood control Belinda Smith _ Flood Control

anniesimpson_wave Annie Simpson _ Wave

andrea estrada-meter 3 otra vez Andrea Estrada_ Meter 3 (orta vez)

Art, Science & Sustainable Community Symposium

Art, Science & Sustainable Community Symposium

Thurs, Jan 28th:     LEED Platinum Science Building Dedication
Sat, Jan 30th :        Art, Science and Sustainable Community Symposium
Sat, Jan 30th :         Regional Juried Exhibition, Water: More or Less

Art, Science and Sustainable Community Symposium
christaylor landarts-040905_wendover_mwm_136Richland College hosts a discussion on the role of water within the new model of sustainability. The symposium centers on themes of the built environment’s response to preserving ecology, striking a symbiotic equilibrium between human development and nature, and utilization of science towards creative responsibility.

Keynote speaker: Ignacio Bunster: Lead Architect on the Trinity Lakes Park Design, Dallas, Texas

Round Table Discussion 1:
Responding to the World : community produced ideas, science allowing for responsible design
Paul Villinski: artist
Chris Taylor: Landarts, Landscape Architect
Moderator: (TBA)

Round-Table Discussion 2:
Developing a sustainable future: growth through engagement with ecology and the arts
Karla Klay: Artist Boat: Executive director
Sarah Jane Semrad: La Reunion: Co-Founder, Dallas TX
Architect from La Reunion’s Board
Moderator: (TBA)

Symposium Schedule:
1:00 PM    Refreshment and Check-in
1:30 PM     Dance Part I: Shelly Cushman’s “Choking the Earth? Just take off those clothes and join the water in D-Flat “ (15 mins)
1:45 PM    KEYNOTE: Ignacio Bunster (Trinity, water)
2:30 PM     Dance Part I: Shelly Cushman’s “Choking the Earth? Just take off those clothes and join the water in D-Flat “ (10 mins)
2:45 PM    Announcement of Breakout session options, Sabine Tours, Juried art show, student artshow, Larry Kirkland public art piece, etc…
(Refreshments provided during transition.)

3:00 PM
(option to participate in Breakout 1 or Breakout 2)
Responding to the World
Developing a Sustainable Future
3:50 PM    End Breakout sessions – Light Refreshments in Sabine
4:00 PM    Tours of the new LEED Platinum Sabine Building lead by
Will and Perkins Architects (3 to 4 groups)
(Remember to view the student artwork in Lago Vista, Fannin Lobby, and elsewhere.)
4:45 PM    Re-convene as we move to the Brazos Gallery
5:00-7 PM     Opening reception for WATER: More or Less (with Refreshments)
5:30 PM     Juror Talk & Awards Presentation: Paul Villinski, Brazos Gallery