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Nature ReMix_Richland Juried Student Art Exhibition


Richland Student Exhibition “Nature ReMix”

Richland College Student Art Exhibition
Lago Vista Gallery and other locations on campus.
Jan 28th-Feb 28th, 2010.

Opening reception: Thursday, Jan 28, 12-1 p.m.


Nature: ReMix is an opportunity to submit your interpretations of nature using any art form you choose. Award selections will be based on art emphasizing innovative views of nature, recycled material, and the importance of water to our society.

THEME: Twenty-first century views of nature in art have changed. The ability to define “natural” is influenced by the dramatic developments of DNA altered plants, test tube babies, cloned sheep, global warming, virtual reality and body alterations…  Today we realize the fragility of nature as the population of mankind continues to grow. Will nature provide the tools and knowledge to survive into the next century? Can science save us from ourselves? Contemporary art reflects the times. What do you have to say?

Selection: A faculty committee will select art for the exhibit.

Awards: $350.00 in cash awards

Juror for Awards: Ryder Richards,
Richland College Gallery Coordinator.

ELGIBILITY: Richland Students and local AP Arts Students. Richland Students must be currently enrolled in credit or continuing education classes during the 2009 –2010 academic year.

INSTRUCTIONS: All works due in the Soft Earth Gallery by 4:00 PM on Jan 21, 2010 with completed entry form attached.
Works not properly prepared for hanging or presentation will not be accepted. We require all 2-D works be framed with a wire on the back.  3D works must be pedestal ready or otherwise be approved by the faculty committee  Digital works must have the proper equipment to be presented, however some works will be shown online and projected during the opening. Complex installations will not be considered.
Insurance: DCCCD does not provide for insurance of any student work. Entering the juried exhibition constitutes acceptance of this policy.


Jan 21st, 2010    DEADLINE: artworks must be in the Soft Earth
Gallery (F-270) with completed entry form by 4:00 pm.
Jan 25th              Notice of accepted artworks will be posted on the
Soft Earth Gallery door.
Jan 25th              All works not accepted must be picked up by 5:00 pm.
Richland College is not responsible for any artworks not picked up after this time.
Jan 28th              12-1 pm. Opening Reception and Awards presented in the Lago Vista Gallery (Richland Library).
Feb 28th              Exhibition closes; all works must be collected.

For more information: rrichards@dcccd.edu or 972.238.6339 or http://www.rlc8.dcccd.edu/gallery/

Art, Science & Sustainable Community Symposium

Art, Science & Sustainable Community Symposium

Thurs, Jan 28th:     LEED Platinum Science Building Dedication
Sat, Jan 30th :        Art, Science and Sustainable Community Symposium
Sat, Jan 30th :         Regional Juried Exhibition, Water: More or Less

Art, Science and Sustainable Community Symposium
christaylor landarts-040905_wendover_mwm_136Richland College hosts a discussion on the role of water within the new model of sustainability. The symposium centers on themes of the built environment’s response to preserving ecology, striking a symbiotic equilibrium between human development and nature, and utilization of science towards creative responsibility.

Keynote speaker: Ignacio Bunster: Lead Architect on the Trinity Lakes Park Design, Dallas, Texas

Round Table Discussion 1:
Responding to the World : community produced ideas, science allowing for responsible design
Paul Villinski: artist
Chris Taylor: Landarts, Landscape Architect
Moderator: (TBA)

Round-Table Discussion 2:
Developing a sustainable future: growth through engagement with ecology and the arts
Karla Klay: Artist Boat: Executive director
Sarah Jane Semrad: La Reunion: Co-Founder, Dallas TX
Architect from La Reunion’s Board
Moderator: (TBA)

Symposium Schedule:
1:00 PM    Refreshment and Check-in
1:30 PM     Dance Part I: Shelly Cushman’s “Choking the Earth? Just take off those clothes and join the water in D-Flat “ (15 mins)
1:45 PM    KEYNOTE: Ignacio Bunster (Trinity, water)
2:30 PM     Dance Part I: Shelly Cushman’s “Choking the Earth? Just take off those clothes and join the water in D-Flat “ (10 mins)
2:45 PM    Announcement of Breakout session options, Sabine Tours, Juried art show, student artshow, Larry Kirkland public art piece, etc…
(Refreshments provided during transition.)

3:00 PM
(option to participate in Breakout 1 or Breakout 2)
Responding to the World
Developing a Sustainable Future
3:50 PM    End Breakout sessions – Light Refreshments in Sabine
4:00 PM    Tours of the new LEED Platinum Sabine Building lead by
Will and Perkins Architects (3 to 4 groups)
(Remember to view the student artwork in Lago Vista, Fannin Lobby, and elsewhere.)
4:45 PM    Re-convene as we move to the Brazos Gallery
5:00-7 PM     Opening reception for WATER: More or Less (with Refreshments)
5:30 PM     Juror Talk & Awards Presentation: Paul Villinski, Brazos Gallery