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Annual Juried Student Photo Exhibition

Pepper by David Namasky, 2012

Annual Student Photo Exhibition
Brazos Gallery
April 19-June 3, 2012
Reception: Thursday, April 19, 12-1 p.m.

As part of the DADA Spring Gallery Walk the Brazos Gallery will remain open from 2-4 PM on Saturday, April 21st, 2012.

henderson-stair-int_500Juror: Richard Doherty

Doherty is an Associate Professor of Photography, Tarrant County College, Fort Worth. With an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago, his works can be found in museum collections such as the Amon Carter, Bellvue Museum of Art, the Chicago Art Institute and the Chicago center for Contemporary Photography.

Organized by the Richland Photographic &  Imaging Department

Sponsored by Asel Art, Red River Paper, Film Depot, BWC Photo Imaging, and the Richland College Office of Student Life.

FOR IMAGES of the PHOTOS visit: http://www.richlandcollege.edu/photography/exhibition/

Annual Student Art Exhibition, 2012

Annual Student Art Exhibition, 2012

April 5-April 13
Brazos Gallery


Juror: Ruben Nieto, painter and UTD Centraltrak PhD candidate
Deadline: Thursday, March 29, 4 pm at Soft Earth Gallery (F-270)
Reception and juror talk: April 5, 12-1 PM

About our Juror:
“Ruben Nieto, (born in Guantajuato, Mexico) is a UT Dallas doctoral candidate and artist in residence at Centraltrak. He has re-imagined his childhood love for comic books with a new engaging perspective translated through his works of art. He transforms the comic book into highly energetic and visceral paintings which re-contextualize the imagery. He spent hours researching the history of comic books both from a political and creative perspective, the history of text, Andy Warhol, and techniques of Master painters like Millet.” ~ Arts and Culture Magazine interview

This year, due to pro-active advocates of the Richland College Art Department, we have tripled our prize money for student awards: Best in Show ($175), 1st Place ($125), 2nd Place ($100), and 3rd Place ($75), 3 honorable mentions ($50), and we have included the annual “Jen Rose Award for Ceramic Innovation” ($250).

— Best in Show ($175.00)

Josh Siguenza: Reliquaries of a Second Hand Calamity
[ Instructor: David Collins ]

— 1st Place

Kristina Thomas: Untitled
[Instructor: Eric Eley]

— 2nd Place
($100.00) —

Joel Gonzalez: Hershey’s Felt
[ Instructor: Eric Eley ]

— 3rd Place ($75.00)–

Betty Levy: Pipes
[ Instructor: Keith Williams ]

— Honorable Mention

Jessie Moncrief: Study of Youth and Wisdom
[ Instructor:  Ryder Richards ]

— Honorable Mention

Cindee Kueny: Maze Surface
[ Instructor: Jim Stover ]

— Honorable Mention ($50.00)–

Esteban Tijerina: Bonding Affection
[ Instructor: Brenda McKinney ]

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition, 2011


Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

 Brazos Gallery (C140)
Richland College, Dallas
March 31-April 17
Reception/Juror Talk and Awards Presentation:
Friday, April 8th, 12-1 p.m.

ricardo_yello_bars_hcodJuror: Ricardo Paniagua

Ricardo Paniagua is a
Dallas based painter.

Ricardo has participated in numerous exhibitions,
including the upcoming, prestigious Texas Biennial 2011
held in Austin on April 15-16, 2011.


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Robert David Reedy

Robert David Reedy
“The Critical Mass of 99 Monkeys”

Lago Vista Gallery, Richland College
June- Aug 25, 2010
Closing Reception: Wednesday, August 25th from 12-1 p.m.

IMG_2037-1kRobert David Reedy, a current student of Richland College Art Department, displays his 99 art works developed around the image of a monkey skull. Taking his cues from pop iconography, Warhol, contemporary advertising, Marshall McLuhan,  and Walter Benjamin’s text “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” Reedy displays a work that challenges and posits fascinitating cultural commentary.

Reedy’s use of a stencil to create the imagery causes a faux mechanical similarity, yet Reedy alters the colors providing a distinct uniqueness to each image. While the content may be disturbing it tends to become subjugated to the overall aesthetic of  stylized pattern and color when one views the entire piece. The idea that the grotesque and powerful may be relegated to pattern due to sheer quantity challenges notions of social responsibilty in the face of stimulus overload.

Reedy will also perform the latest incarnation of  “Pyramid Schemes” during the closing reception utilizing video projection, synthesizers, and vocals. The performance promises to be fast and intense as Reedy investigates issues of power within a social context.

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Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

elaine pawlowiczBrazos Gallery
April 1-19, 2010

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 1 from 12-1 p.m.

Juror: Elaine Pawlowicz, Visual Artist and
Art Professor from University of North Texas, Denton


Purchase Award / Best of Show ($200)
Field Leisner’s Self Portrait
Acrylic on Panel

1st Place ($100)
Michaela Nienaber’s The Profile
Acrylic on Canvas

2nd Place ($75)
Cindee Kueng’s Tower of Babel

3rd Place ($50)
Doyle Kelley’s Light Before Birth
Kodak CMY Dye

Honorable Mention ($25)
Analisa Gonzales’ We Come Out at Night
Acrylic on Canvas

Honorable Mention ($25)
John Schrader’s Exquisite Corpse I & II

ThunderA.R.T.S. Scholarship Award ($250)
Teel Savage’ s Monday through Friday

Artists in the Exhibition:

Marshall Bateman         Red Barn

Robert Reedy     Papa Don’t Preach

Michael Gomez   Chicago Sunset, Good Dog

Rosa Simmons    Untitled

Cindee Kueng     Nature’s Logarhythmic Spiral, Illuminated Letter

Miao-Yi Lin         Untitled (Fish), Untitled (White Tiger)

Marilyn Mason   Bella Luna

Tina Simmons     Woman with Instrument

Betty Levy          The Essence of Mythology

Marshall Kendall            Big Guy I & II

John Schrader     Exquisite Corpse I &  II

Austin Sizer        Neophytos

Hye Min         Taking Sunset

Christina Smith        Additive Reductive: Skeleton

Gail Jones           Untitled

Karla Hernandez      Opulent Widow

Christina Smith     Master Study

Brittany Crawford           Sunglasses at Night

Carol Kellogg        Luxembourg Bridge

Marilyn Mason      Lilypads and Scales

Darby O’Neal      Logan’s Mother

Bill Rudd     Mountain Passage

Carolyn     Untitled

Linda Holden      Grand Prismatic Spring

Hye Min     The Bond Girl

Mark Herrera      Untitled (girl in woods)

Rachel Schwarz     Adam’s Apple

Field Leisner       Geologic

Bethany Phillips   Inagaddavida

Ms. Barreto    Untitled

Anthony M Naju     Thoughts of Fire

Margaret Tierney           Small Mask, Armadillo Tile, Large Mask

Teel Savage        Monday through Friday

Stephanie Diez Sollano      April 2003

Janet Butler        Consara, Spain

Annual Student Digital Media Art Competition

 Computer Arts Festival: Student Exhibition

robert-reedyDigital Media Student Exhibition
April 7- May 3, 2010
Lago Vista Gallery

Selected exhibition showcasing the best of Richland College’s digitally developed student works.

The exhibition coincides with the Annual Digital Media Conference. the event is coordinated to take place on April 6th and 7th featuring guest lectures and other events. See details below…

or visit the website:  http://www.mmlab2.rlc.dcccd.edu/sideshow/

To view:  IMAGES of the ART or Video


2010 Guest Lectures, and Events:

The April 6th and 7th Festival will feature artists and professionals from the region. Other events include the Student Art Exhibition opening and a special event on the DCCCD Second Life Island

 Tuesday, April 6

 10:00 AM, Room T248: Regan Smith, President of MLink Technologies, Inc. will present some of MLink’s Flash based training and promotional materials. M-Link has won numerous awards for excellence from the Society for Technical Communication, Metroplex Business Technology Council for its eLearning and interactive marketing material.


12:30 PM, Room T252: Pauline Hudel, Faculty, Richland Multimedia and UTA, will discuss UTA design student work. She will also discuss graphic design concepts. Ms Hudel has also worked on numerous freelance design projects for national and international clients. Recent projects include the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book cover art and product design and the Dallas Opera ‘Nabucco’ presentations for creators Frances Bagley and Tom Orr.

1:00 PM, Room T250: Erin Jennings, University of Texas at Dallas PHD Research Assistant, will discuss educational game career opportunities.

 2:00 PM, Room T252P: Artist Piotr Chizinski will discuss recent projects. Chizinski’s art develops through a careful questioning of assumptions surrounding the issue of class. Chizinksi’s photographic work utilizes pseudo-science to document class levels by quantifying the trappings of a living room into a score denoting low, proletariat, middle or high class. The work, while taking into account issues of heredity and culture, questions the stratification in society and the individual within a system that proposes unlimited upward mobility. KERA radio interview with the artist.

 3:00 PM, Room T248: Artist/Designer Pauline Hudel meets with afternoon classes.

 4:00 PM, Room T248: Piotr Chizinski will demonstrate Google SketchUp demo

6:00 PM, Room T252: “Using social media to extend political or democratic action” David Parry, Assistant Professor, Emerging Media, University Texas at Dallas, studies how the transformation from an analog to a digital archive changes knowledge production and dissemination. Currently he teaches courses on writing in the digital era, and the digital archive.

Wednesday April 7

 10:00 AM, Room T248 Jenny Vogel, Assistant Professor in New Media, College of Visual Art and Design, University of North Texas will show some of her recent projects. Vogel’s art explores the world as viewed through new media technology using web-cameras, blogs and Google searches as source material. She received her MFA from Hunter College (NYC) in 2003. She is a 2005 NYFA fellow in Computer Arts

11:40 -12:30 PM, Room T248: Virtual visit to the DCCCD Second Life Island. Melissa Martinez & Debbie Smith will show you how to design and build your avatar.

 12:30 -1:30 PM, Lago Vista Gallery, Lavaca Hall: The Annual Student Art Competition opening, refreshments served

Artist/ Designers in the show: 

 Jenna Nolan

Kevin Prater

Raul Zavala

Jon Martin

Thomas Manaugh

Brittany VanWinkle-Hatridge

Veronica Campos

Andrew VanDeCasteele

Luis Martinez

Charles Fortner

Aaron Munoz

Mike Singleton

Rebecca Shipman

Stephanie Diez de Sollano

Chancy Benton

Leslie Conner

Zoey Christianson

Jenna Nolan

Robert Powers

Robert Reedy

Robert Reedy

Ahmed Ghazy

Alan Flores

Ashley Varghese

Cheryl Thomas

Marci Reyes

Seth Trimble



Nature ReMix_Richland Juried Student Art Exhibition


Richland Student Exhibition “Nature ReMix”

Richland College Student Art Exhibition
Lago Vista Gallery and other locations on campus.
Jan 28th-Feb 28th, 2010.

Opening reception: Thursday, Jan 28, 12-1 p.m.


Nature: ReMix is an opportunity to submit your interpretations of nature using any art form you choose. Award selections will be based on art emphasizing innovative views of nature, recycled material, and the importance of water to our society.

THEME: Twenty-first century views of nature in art have changed. The ability to define “natural” is influenced by the dramatic developments of DNA altered plants, test tube babies, cloned sheep, global warming, virtual reality and body alterations…  Today we realize the fragility of nature as the population of mankind continues to grow. Will nature provide the tools and knowledge to survive into the next century? Can science save us from ourselves? Contemporary art reflects the times. What do you have to say?

Selection: A faculty committee will select art for the exhibit.

Awards: $350.00 in cash awards

Juror for Awards: Ryder Richards,
Richland College Gallery Coordinator.

ELGIBILITY: Richland Students and local AP Arts Students. Richland Students must be currently enrolled in credit or continuing education classes during the 2009 –2010 academic year.

INSTRUCTIONS: All works due in the Soft Earth Gallery by 4:00 PM on Jan 21, 2010 with completed entry form attached.
Works not properly prepared for hanging or presentation will not be accepted. We require all 2-D works be framed with a wire on the back.  3D works must be pedestal ready or otherwise be approved by the faculty committee  Digital works must have the proper equipment to be presented, however some works will be shown online and projected during the opening. Complex installations will not be considered.
Insurance: DCCCD does not provide for insurance of any student work. Entering the juried exhibition constitutes acceptance of this policy.


Jan 21st, 2010    DEADLINE: artworks must be in the Soft Earth
Gallery (F-270) with completed entry form by 4:00 pm.
Jan 25th              Notice of accepted artworks will be posted on the
Soft Earth Gallery door.
Jan 25th              All works not accepted must be picked up by 5:00 pm.
Richland College is not responsible for any artworks not picked up after this time.
Jan 28th              12-1 pm. Opening Reception and Awards presented in the Lago Vista Gallery (Richland Library).
Feb 28th              Exhibition closes; all works must be collected.

For more information: rrichards@dcccd.edu or 972.238.6339 or http://www.rlc8.dcccd.edu/gallery/