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Annual Student Digital Media Art Competition

 Computer Arts Festival: Student Exhibition

robert-reedyDigital Media Student Exhibition
April 7- May 3, 2010
Lago Vista Gallery

Selected exhibition showcasing the best of Richland College’s digitally developed student works.

The exhibition coincides with the Annual Digital Media Conference. the event is coordinated to take place on April 6th and 7th featuring guest lectures and other events. See details below…

or visit the website:  http://www.mmlab2.rlc.dcccd.edu/sideshow/

To view:  IMAGES of the ART or Video


2010 Guest Lectures, and Events:

The April 6th and 7th Festival will feature artists and professionals from the region. Other events include the Student Art Exhibition opening and a special event on the DCCCD Second Life Island

 Tuesday, April 6

 10:00 AM, Room T248: Regan Smith, President of MLink Technologies, Inc. will present some of MLink’s Flash based training and promotional materials. M-Link has won numerous awards for excellence from the Society for Technical Communication, Metroplex Business Technology Council for its eLearning and interactive marketing material.


12:30 PM, Room T252: Pauline Hudel, Faculty, Richland Multimedia and UTA, will discuss UTA design student work. She will also discuss graphic design concepts. Ms Hudel has also worked on numerous freelance design projects for national and international clients. Recent projects include the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book cover art and product design and the Dallas Opera ‘Nabucco’ presentations for creators Frances Bagley and Tom Orr.

1:00 PM, Room T250: Erin Jennings, University of Texas at Dallas PHD Research Assistant, will discuss educational game career opportunities.

 2:00 PM, Room T252P: Artist Piotr Chizinski will discuss recent projects. Chizinski’s art develops through a careful questioning of assumptions surrounding the issue of class. Chizinksi’s photographic work utilizes pseudo-science to document class levels by quantifying the trappings of a living room into a score denoting low, proletariat, middle or high class. The work, while taking into account issues of heredity and culture, questions the stratification in society and the individual within a system that proposes unlimited upward mobility. KERA radio interview with the artist.

 3:00 PM, Room T248: Artist/Designer Pauline Hudel meets with afternoon classes.

 4:00 PM, Room T248: Piotr Chizinski will demonstrate Google SketchUp demo

6:00 PM, Room T252: “Using social media to extend political or democratic action” David Parry, Assistant Professor, Emerging Media, University Texas at Dallas, studies how the transformation from an analog to a digital archive changes knowledge production and dissemination. Currently he teaches courses on writing in the digital era, and the digital archive.

Wednesday April 7

 10:00 AM, Room T248 Jenny Vogel, Assistant Professor in New Media, College of Visual Art and Design, University of North Texas will show some of her recent projects. Vogel’s art explores the world as viewed through new media technology using web-cameras, blogs and Google searches as source material. She received her MFA from Hunter College (NYC) in 2003. She is a 2005 NYFA fellow in Computer Arts

11:40 -12:30 PM, Room T248: Virtual visit to the DCCCD Second Life Island. Melissa Martinez & Debbie Smith will show you how to design and build your avatar.

 12:30 -1:30 PM, Lago Vista Gallery, Lavaca Hall: The Annual Student Art Competition opening, refreshments served

Artist/ Designers in the show: 

 Jenna Nolan

Kevin Prater

Raul Zavala

Jon Martin

Thomas Manaugh

Brittany VanWinkle-Hatridge

Veronica Campos

Andrew VanDeCasteele

Luis Martinez

Charles Fortner

Aaron Munoz

Mike Singleton

Rebecca Shipman

Stephanie Diez de Sollano

Chancy Benton

Leslie Conner

Zoey Christianson

Jenna Nolan

Robert Powers

Robert Reedy

Robert Reedy

Ahmed Ghazy

Alan Flores

Ashley Varghese

Cheryl Thomas

Marci Reyes

Seth Trimble