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Robert David Reedy

Robert David Reedy
“The Critical Mass of 99 Monkeys”

Lago Vista Gallery, Richland College
June- Aug 25, 2010
Closing Reception: Wednesday, August 25th from 12-1 p.m.

IMG_2037-1kRobert David Reedy, a current student of Richland College Art Department, displays his 99 art works developed around the image of a monkey skull. Taking his cues from pop iconography, Warhol, contemporary advertising, Marshall McLuhan,  and Walter Benjamin’s text “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” Reedy displays a work that challenges and posits fascinitating cultural commentary.

Reedy’s use of a stencil to create the imagery causes a faux mechanical similarity, yet Reedy alters the colors providing a distinct uniqueness to each image. While the content may be disturbing it tends to become subjugated to the overall aesthetic of  stylized pattern and color when one views the entire piece. The idea that the grotesque and powerful may be relegated to pattern due to sheer quantity challenges notions of social responsibilty in the face of stimulus overload.

Reedy will also perform the latest incarnation of  “Pyramid Schemes” during the closing reception utilizing video projection, synthesizers, and vocals. The performance promises to be fast and intense as Reedy investigates issues of power within a social context.

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Richie Budd Featuring Personal Victories

Richie Budd Featuring Personal Victories

Richland College, Brazos Gallery
Sep 2-Sep 25, 2010
Opening: Friday, Sep 3rd from 7-9 p.m.
CLOSING/ ARTIST TALK: Friday, September 24th, 12-1 PM, in the BRAZOS Gallery

ONE NIGHT ONLY !! Opening Performance Event… Friday, Sep. 3rd from 7-9 p.m.

Richie Budd at Richland-1000Richland College (of the DCCCD) is proud to showcase the Personal Victories and Richie Budd as they present their third collaboration: Richie Budd Featuring Personal Victories. A multimedia and multi-sensory opening promises to penetrate its needle like phalanges deep into the subconscious of all attendees. A network of neurological pathways will be installed for memories of the event to surface far into the future. The one-night-only opening performance is scheduled for 7- 9 p.m. on Friday September 3, 2010. Components of the performance and selected works will be on display for the duration of the exhibition. (Saturday, September 25th will be the final day of the exhibition as the gallery will remain open from 1-4 p.m. for DADA’s Spring Gallery Night.)

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Water: More or Less

Water email header-800

Brazos Gallery, Richland College, Dallas TX
Opening reception: Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010 from 5-7 p.m.

“Water: More or Less” was developed in conjunction with the Art, Science and Sustainable Community Symposium hosted by Richland College. (Sat, Jan. 30, 1-5 pm) The juried exhibition focuses on the role of water and sustainability within the environment.

paul villinski_photo by nash bakerJuror: Paul Villinski

Paul Villinski lives and works in New York City. His inventive use of recycled materials and found objects captivates viewers by revealing the creative potential dormant in the ordinary. Villinksi’s converted Emergency Response Studio (ERS) utilizes green methods of construction to confront topics local responsibility and art within the community.

For images of the HUGELY SUCCESFUL event: http://www.rlc8.dcccd.edu/media/?p=1861


Here is a quick video of the Exhibtion. I apologize for the low quality:

Artworks accepted into the exhibition:

simone riford_watergrid Simone Riford _ Watergrid

shreepad joglekar_Untitled shifting horizons series Shreepad Joglekar _ Unitled (Triptych from Shifting Horizons Series)

nola richards_spring into green Nola Richards _ Spring into Green

Deluge / Schlinke Naomi Schlinke_ Deluge

marla ripperda_blue Buchanan Marla Riperda_ Blue Buchanan #7

liz olson_underwaterseries3 Liz Olson_ Underwater Series #3

kware_waterhorse Kristin Ware _ Water Horse

kware_steppignstones Kristin Ware _ Stepping Stones

kware_sloan lani Kristin Ware _ Sloan and Lani

kware_narrow streams Kristin Ware _  Narrow Streams

kware_diamonds on a dry creek bed Kristin Ware _ Diamonds on Dried Creek Bed

kverdugo_skateKenneth Verdugo_ Skate

kverdugo_choking the earth Kenneth Verdugo_ Choking the Earth

jbuff_reflection of a melting penguin Jill Buffington_ Reflection of a Melting Planet

jbuff_invasion of gentoo penguins Jill Buffington_ Invasion of the Gentoo Penguins

jbuff_antartica melting Jill Buffington_ Antartica Melting

erika pochybova_recycle Erika Pochybova_ Recycle

elaine powlowicz_garedenhose Elain Powlowicz _ Garden Hose

denise davis_in the water2 Denise Stringer Davis _ In the Water 1

denise davis_in the water1 Denise Stringer Davis _ In the Water 2

denise davis_bather reaching Denise Stringer Davis _ Bather Reaching

chris ireland_maid of the mist Chris Ireland _ Maid of the Mist

cathy night_smart waterCathy Night_ Smart Water

Bryan Pettigrew_hygrometer Bryan Pettigrew_ Hygrometer

belinda smith_flood control Belinda Smith _ Flood Control

anniesimpson_wave Annie Simpson _ Wave

andrea estrada-meter 3 otra vez Andrea Estrada_ Meter 3 (orta vez)

John Britt Ceramics Event

John Britt lecture hosted by Richland College Clay Club

John Britt- book

Friday, Feb 26, 2010
7-8 p.m.
Sabine Hall 118
Richland College, Dallas

John Britt, a well-known glaze expert, wrote the book, “The Complete Guide to High Fire Glazes”. Recently, he has been doing workshops at studios to help them convert their glaze and firings to Cone 6 reduction rather than Cone 10 reduction. This is a much greener process and will save the schools and studios up to 30% in fuel costs.

The lecture will be held at Richland College and workshops will be scheduled during the weekend. For more information please contact Jen Rose at 972-761-6837.

Eddy Rawlinson: Hell Bound Road
Richland College’s Brazos Gallery
Oct 15- Nov 20, 2009
Reception and Artist Talk: Thursday, Oct 15th 12-1PM

“In my own Country I am in a Far-Off Land…”
Francois Villon, 1431 – 1463

Rawlinson's "The Devil's Arcade"

Rawlinson's "The Devil's Arcade"

In his new exhibition of mixed media paintings and prints at Richland College, Hell Bound Road, Eddy Rawlinson continues to explore the various layers of political/pop-culture images of the hero/anti hero in the mainstream and alternative media with its connection to cultural behavior and language.

Rawlinson asks, “Where does one find the evil doers, in a far-off desert land or jungle afar? Or could they be among the standard bearers of justice and freedom for all, as long as you look like they do, have the same economic status, and think like they think? Who then is the hero to fight the good fight for the good of all and vanquish this evil from our presence. It is not so clear anymore and becomes more difficult with each passing day, but we must not despair or never give up hope.”

"Hell Bent" Linocut on Ethreal Rice Paper 2009

"Hell Bent" Linocut on Ethreal Rice Paper 2009

Rawlinson exhibits extensively within the Dallas/Fort Worth area, recently showing at the Mighty Fine Arts Gallery in Dallas, Texas Christian University, and Artspace 111 in Fort Worth. He also exhibits with the art group The Cirkit of Mythos, a collaborative engagement with local artists Omar Hernandez, Jason Reynaga and Greg Mansur. Rawlinson is currently the Gallery Director and an Instructor at Dallas County Community College, El Centro Campus in Dallas, Texas.

Please join us for the opening reception and gallery talk on Thursday, Oct 15th, 2009 from 12-1 PM. The Brazos Gallery is located on Richland College Campus in the Crockett Building, Room C-140.


Krystal Read: Recovering the Past

Krystal Read: Recovering the Past

Twins Naval WatchRichland College’s Lago Vista Gallery
March 11 – March 29, 2010
Reception: Friday, March 26, 4-7 p.m. in the Lago Vista Gallery
Artist Talk: Thursday, March 25, 12-1 p.m. in the Lago Vista Gallery

Recovering the Past, an University of Texas at Dallas MFA thesis exhibition by Krystal Read explores the elusive and imaginative nature of memory.  Inspired by the discarded treasures that clutter our attics and fill antique stores, Krystal Read investigates and imbues these objects with her own fantasies. Who are the people in this photograph? How does this teacup relate to the miscellaneous knick-knacks surrounding it? With these questions in mind, Krystal attempts to recover and narrate history with prints, sculpture, and installation.

Krystal Read’s work has been shown in Dallas, Nova Scotia, and Taiwan. She received her BA at Smith College and MA from the University of Dallas. Read currently teaches art at Studio Arts in Dallas and Collin County Community College.

Please join us for the reception and the artist talk. Krystal Read will give an artist talk in the Lago Vista Gallery on Thursday, March 25 from 12-1 p.m. Richland College will host a reception for Recovering the Past on March 26 from 4-7 p.m. All events are FREE and open to the public.

kread- e invite1

“Inhabited” by Piotr Chizinski

Piotr Chizinski
March 4- March 27, 2010
Artist Talk and Reception: Thursday, March 4, 4-7 p.m.
Lecture open to public: Thurs, March 4 from 12-1 p.m.

KERA radio interview with the artist.

Piotr Chizinski: Inhabited

Livingroom Scale Project_ Philanthropist, 30x40 lightjet print, 2009

Livingroom Scale Project_ Philanthropist, 30x40 lightjet print, 2009

Richland College is proud to present Piotr Chizinski: New Work. Chizinski’s art develops through a careful questioning of assumptions surrounding the issue of class. Chizinksi’s photographic work utilizes pseudo-science to document class levels by quantifying the trappings of a living room into a score denoting low, proletariat, middle or high class. The work, while taking into account issues of heredity and culture, questions the stratification in society and the individual within a system that proposes unlimited upward mobility.

Family Tree project: each trailer denotes an individual, traits and lineage.

Family Tree project: each trailer denotes an individual, traits and lineage.

Born in 1981 in Connecticut, Piotr Chizinksi has traveled the world through doors opened by his art. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas Chizinski collaborated on the creation of the Ryder Jon Piotrs Nomadic Gallery which has travelled throughout the Southwest. After inclusion in the Viewfinder photography exhibit in Houston and Dallas  Piotr Chizinski’s works were included in the Guangzhou Biennial of Photography in China and the Art LA Expo in Los Angeles, CA. He spent two months at the Hilmsen Residency in Germany during the summer of 2009 developing his recent studies.

The most recent work is based on a eugenics movement in Virginia during the 1920’s that sterilized over 10,000 men for their inability to pass tests developed by highly educated sociologists. The work takes an uncomfortably close look at the family trees of the area and offers a similar sterilization test notifying the test taker of their ‘breeding status’.

Please join us for the opening reception from 4-7 pm and a gallery talk at 6 pm on Thursday, March 4th, 2010. The Brazos Gallery is located on Richland College Campus in the Crockett Building, Room C-140. Brazos Gallery hours are from 10-5 PM Monday through Friday. For more information please contact Ryder Richards, Gallery Coordinator at Richland College, at 972.238.6339 or by email at rrichards@dcccd.edu.

Living Room Scale Project_ demo and explanation by Piotr Chizinski

Family Tree as a trailer park, based on early eugenics studies of the early 1900’s.

For more information www.chizinski.com

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Viscious Pink: Mary Benedicto


Video of  Mary Benedicto‘s VISCIOUS PINKhttp://vimeo.com/4169644

Dallas new media artist and sculptor Mary Benedicto’s installation in the storefront project space, St. Angela of the Toucans, strikes irony by way of a neon explosion of color and form. It is a shrine to the Dollar Store, consumer indulgence, and the related promise of a consumer paradise.

Opening reception 6-8 p.m., Sept. 12. Gallery hours are Wed. – Sat., noon to 5 p.m. Centraltrak is located at 800 Exposition Ave., Dallas, 75226. For more information, visit centraltrak.org.