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Jen Rose “Just Press Print,” Houston, TX

JenRose-interracial-chubby-with-horsesJen Rose (Richland ceramics instructor)
“Just Press Print”
Anya Tish Gallery, Houston TX

Opening Reception Friday, June 10, 6 – 8:30. On view until July 3, 2011.

Six artists from three continents focus on non-conventional approaches to printmaking: ArdAn Ozmenoglu, Jen Rose, Karin Bos, Orna Feinstein, Sang-Mi Yoo, Steve Wiseman.

“Jen produces subtle subversive sexual designs that extend into a spectator’s personal space. While completing her graduate degree she studied patterning in quilts,textiles,china painting and clay as noteworthy in the women’s Craft Movement. Women in sexually provocative poses,decorative stylized animal forms and direct anatomical references become imagery for one composition for wall paper and textile designs or on a vinyl panel applied directly to the wall. The flat,graphic images becomes patterned by rhythmically being tessellated or formed using small squares or blocks as in tile floors and pavements arranged in a checkered or mosaic pattern. To her an image’s power evolves when it is patterned –“however,when the image is patterned into hundreds of repetitions in one design the meaning dissolves into decoration.”

~June Mattingly, 2011

June Mattingly’s Texas Contemporary Art

29-95 Art: Just Press Print

Houston Press Arts