As part of the exhibitions at Richland College the Gallery Coordinator, Ryder Richards, develops questionnaires and conversations that require basic observations that, hopefully, develop into more complex questioning and increased student engagement.  If you are interested in a discussion, class visit, or other opportunities please contact Ryder: [972] 238-6339

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Modular_gallery questions

As part of our continuing efforts to aid in education and outreach we have begun to add art tutorials to the gallery website. We hope these brief examples will be helpful and reflect the quality of education found at Richland College’s Art Department.

For more information about signing up for classes please contact the Richland Art or Richland Admissions.  (972) 238-6250.

Post I: Clay on the Wheel
Jen Rose demonstrates how to build ceramic vessels on the wheel in several youtube videos.

Part II: Litho on Clay
Jen Rose demonstrates how to produce a litho print on clay.

Part III: Photoshop Color Wash
Ryder Richards demonstrates Adobe Photoshop color wash

Part IV: (coming soon)
Vicki Mayhan demonstrates printmaking methods.

Part V: Gunpowder Art
Ryder Richards demonstrates why you should not make gunpowder art.