Artist Statement


2018 – 2019 Feedback Loops references the painted figures’ suspended actions, my own

relationship with my subjects, the viewer’s interpretation of those actions, and the

painting’s own homeostatic state of color and form. I see painting as a way to

contemplate the nonverbal space between people. The paint makes it tactile. The

inevitable incongruity, asymmetry, and fluidity of that space is translated by

amalgamations of color, line, and figure forms. When lucky, the painting itself becomes a

gesture. In my process, I re-perform experiences that have been shared with me

digitally, witnessed in person, or embodied. Much like communication itself, the visual

content and actions in paint compress multiple perspectives, time, actions, and

memories—creating a visual placeholder for the in-between. As a twin, and now a wife,

mirroring and asymmetrical duality has become common themes in my work. I was born

in New Orleans in 1990. Drawing and painting constantly, I navigated my way towards a

life of art making. I received my BFA from LSU in painting and drawing and then my MFA

as a fellow at SMU. My work is exhibited in museums, galleries, and art fairs throughout

the country. I live and work in Dallas as an artist and art educator at Richland College,

other local institutions, and privately.